Vision, Mission & Core Values

Dubai Gem Private School has nurtured, encouraged and cultivated a supportive learning environment where everyone is valued and treated with respect since its inception in 1973.


Strive for Excellence’


 To become a vibrant, fully inclusive and outstanding institution of learning; and develop internationally minded young people of excellence.

In pursuing our goals we are inspired by the conviction and vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai who believes that we must, “steadfastly support our youth, and empower them to achieve the highest levels of innovation and creativity in all fields.”


 We are committed to:

  • Providing opportunities for students to reach their full potential as lifelong learners in a holistic, challenging and supportive learning environment.

  • Promoting an ethos of giving and volunteering that prepares responsible and resilient youth as global citizens in a multicultural world.

 Our Core Values

 Dignity and Integrity – Respect and honesty in all our endeavours in an environment that embraces change, new ideas, respect for the individual and equal opportunity to succeed.

  • Generosity of Spirit – Empathy and tolerance for every individual and embrace differences with respect which creates a culture of magnanimity and kindness.  

  • Pursuit of Excellence – Perseverance in identifying challenges and striving to overcome them.

  • Sincerity and Commitment – Students are encouraged to be diligent, develop sound work ethics, and become inventive and resourceful.


The school’s curriculum and teaching methodology has as its focus the learner and is designed to be practical and to engage the student.

Students are encouraged to take full responsibility for their learning, to think creatively and to acquire knowledge through innovative ways that test their analytical and problem solving skills; to be continually open to renewal and growth.


We understand that every student is different in their interests and abilities. Our school extends a helping hand to each student to bring out their greatest potential. The students are exposed to global issues such as the environment, peace, poverty and conflict resolution.


While the students are equipped for the competitive global arena through a beneficial learning process, they are also taught that winning is not everything in life. Students are exposed to sound moral values with the purpose of preparing responsible and altruistic global citizens.

Excellence : The curriculum has been designed to impart education with a global perspective, inspiring students to broaden their horizon and think extensively. Students are encouraged to aim for excellence and to be enthusiastic in all they undertake.