Message from the Principal

Principal’s Newsletter – March 2019

“There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality.”– Anthony Robbins

As we approach the spring holidays, we can look back on a very successful first term.
Students and staff have been involved in a wide range of events and activities, and once again we have enjoyed and celebrated many successes.

Innovation and Creativity:
The Science exhibitions in the Primary and Secondary gave our young scientists an opportunity to be creative and design some innovative experiments and models. The excitement and energetic endeavour to share their ‘inventions’ was heartwarming!

The Commerce department launched the Enterprise Initiative! Students across the school engaged in designing products and marketing strategies to survive in a competitive consumer society. The experience was enlightening and created an awareness in consumer rights and business models.

The first ever DGPS MUN conducted for our students by our students was a tremendous success. The entire programme was managed and conducted by Neil Dadlani and Aditya Ashok, our two passionate and enthusiastic debaters.

The DGPS MUN team that participated in the DIAMUN walked away with 8 out of the 17 prizes and were awarded the best delegation as well. A remarkable feat for our young team.

The Argentinian Theatre group enthralled our students with their musical presentation of ‘Galileo ‘. Exposure to drama, music, song and dance is invaluable and deepens the understanding and appreciation of language and literature.

Annual Athletic Meet:
The revised format in the Primary provided opportunities to further strengthen the House spirit and foster healthy competition across the year groups. The students encouraged, supported and cheered their teams! A splendid display of camaraderie and solidarity.

Community Service and Outreach Initiatives:
UAE Mother’s Day was celebrated on Thursday 21st March. The Year 5 students delighted the audience with a musical presentation. Mums received vouchers, goody bags and ‘presents’ purchased by their kids from the white elephant stall! A mini carnival was created with mums setting up stalls to sell cookies, cupcakes, brownies and other tasty bites! Our FS students entertained mums and raised funds for their community service initiatives. Appreciate the enthusiastic support from the parents.

Dubai Gem Private Nursery staff led by Rumana continues to outdo themselves with superb events and activities for their little ones. The Mother’s Day programme and the Annual Concert were delightful. Mrs Tasneem Karmali continues to support the Nursery and raise awareness on environmental issues. Her passion for recycling is evident in her creative use of scraps of material and discarded ribbons that she diligently collects and transforms into garments. Our deepest and heartfelt gratitude to the mums who supported the cause and helped raise funds for the Al Jalila Foundations.

The Green Run has become an annual event to raise awareness on environmental issues and provide hands – on experience to run initiatives and campaigns.

Teaching and Learning
The DSIB Annual Inspection was rigorous and intense. The report will be shared with the entire school community as soon as it is released by KHDA.

The final term of the academic year is, as always focused on the Board Examinations and EOY assessments. GL assessments (PTM, PTE, PTS) will also be conducted for students in May.

National Agenda Benchmark Assessments: eTIMSS was successfully completed by our year 5 and Year 9 students and we are confident that our students will exceed the targets set for the school.
Every effort is made to support and develop our students’ skills and abilities. The Quran Recitation Competition was an opportunity to enhance students’ confidence and memorization skills.

Our student leaders will continue to support and encourage their peers to do the best they can and continue to foster positive and respectful engagement within the community. Student empowerment is the core of all our curriculum planning and initiative.

We look forward to welcoming you back to another rewarding and fulfilling term of teaching and learning.

Wishing you Happy and Peaceful holidays.

Humera Ibrahim