When 3000m run was fun

Athletes from grades 7 to 13 displayed their great form as they joined in the 3000m run organised by the P.E. department on January 31.

There were three teams with seven runners in each team in boys and girls categories.. The team with the lowest collective timing secured the first position.

Following is the tally:


1st position – Green Team (Captain Laksh Agarwal) – 47 minutes

2nd position – Red Team (Captain Manoviraj Lal) – 49 minutes

3rd position – Yellow Team (Captain Jai Mansukhani) – 50 minutes


1st position – Green Team (Captain Sophie Furtado) – 62 minutes

2nd position – Red Team (Captain Sarah Barros) – 63 minutes

3rd position – Yellow Team (Captain Masooma Abbas) – 65 minutes

Amongst the boys, individual trophies were awarded to Matthew Barros, Laksh Agarwal, Manoviraj Lal and Mohammad Anas for attaining the top four timings. For the girls, the trophies were awarded to Mariam Omar, Tanika Sequeira and and Kritika Kumari.

It was a great morning at school. The athletes had fun supporting and cheering for each other.

Manoviraj Lal

Student Reporter