Truly a Designer’s Delight!

All IGCSE, AS and A level art students of Dubai Gem had the pleasure to attend a workshop conducted by the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI) University on February 12. The workshop focused on the courses offered by the university such as Product Design, Multimedia Design, Fashion Design and Strategic Design Management, and the career opportunities in those fields. Ms Maggie, who held the workshop, engaged the students to get their creative juices flowing. Each student was provided with a notebook and pencil to map out their thoughts and jot down important points.

FUNDAMENTALS OF DESIGN: Ms Maggie started off the workshop with a video presentation on DIDI and its moto: Working together for the advancement of humanity. She went on to explain the fundamentals of design — analysis, innovation, prototyping and story-telling. She dwelt on each process in detail while giving useful anecdotes and examples.

JOB OPPORTUNITIES: She talked about the job opportunities that included App Designer, Interactive Exhibition Designer, Smart Wear Designer, Recycled Materials Designer, Inclusive Designer and Harsh Condition Habitat Designer.

She also talked about recent inventions that used the courses of the DIDI. Eg; designing clothing for the people of determination would use skills learnt from both fashion design and product design; about the importance of critical thinking and team work and communication, especially for designers.

ACTIVITY ON BUILDING SHAPES: At the end of workshop the students were given little hexagon structures to bring out students’ creativity. Extremely motivated and enthusiastic, the students built eccentric and complex structures, some of which resembled flowers and  buildings. It was an enriching and intellectually stimulating experience that left each and every student with a clear understanding of what the design industry demands.

Report by Nidhi Dave, Grade-12