Pink Week-


Dubai Gem goes Pink


Every year, Dubai Gem joins the world in marking the Pink Week by educating the school community on breast cancer awareness initiatives.
The Pink Week is held in October, the international month for breast cancer awareness.
Dubai Gem kickstarted the Pink Week on October 7 with an informative talk on breast cancer by Dr Rajul Shah Matkar, a specialist gynecologist from the Globe Health Clinic.
Dr Matkar highlighted all aspects of breast cancer, including factors that increase the risk of breast cancer, and preventive measures. She exhorted the teachers and students to make lifestyle changes such as regular exercise and healthy eating to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. She also stressed the importance of early detection, saying “early detection is a woman’s best protection.”
Dr Matkar left the school community with a powerful message: “The power of protection is in your hands.”
The faculty and students thanked Dr Matkar for her eye-opening talk.
Report by: Shiza Zia and Shubha Kamath, Student Reporters, Year 11-B

Bake Sale

On October 8, the Year 13 students held a pink-themed bake sale in the quadrangle during school hours.
Scrumptious pink goodies such as cookies, cupcakes, macarons, chocolate-dipped strawberries and lemonade were on sale. Alongside, breast cancer pins and badges were also sold. The funds collected would go to those battling cancer.
The bake sale was a huge success.
Report by: Khushi Desai, Student Reporter, Year 8-A



Pink Football

A Pink Football was also held on October 8, as a friendly match, between the Sports Captain, Kenneth Mendonca, and the Deputy Sports Captain, Dhrish Kanar.
The money from ticket sales of the match would go to the Al Jalila Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization that promotes medical education and research.
The match was spectated by the cheering students of Years 7-11.
Shortly after the match had begun, Ankush of Dhrish’s team broke the stalemate and scored the first goal of the match. Soon after, two goals, scored in quick succession by Vimal and Kenneth, had turned the tables. This was the beginning of an 8-goal fiesta.
In the second half, with a score of 1:4, Dhrish’s team was dribbling against the clock to reverse the four goals conceded. The team made an excellent effort as Jasneet scored to the back of the opponent’s net, followed by a fantastic goal by Nikhil that propelled the game forward to 3:4.
Excellent defending, goalkeeping and a goal by Sidhant was enough to sink Dhrish’s team. The team of the Sports Captain emerged victors in what turned out to be a breathtaking but classic game of football that left unforgettable memories in the hearts of the players and fans alike.
Report by: Shyam Soundararajan, Student Reporter, Year 9-E


Pink Zumba

Also, on October 8, the girls of Year 13 held a Pink Zumba session, in the school auditorium. It was a thrill to watch the girls engaging in an aerobic dance-based exercise. The Zumba session was a great success among the students, who appreciated a break from the school day and found it an entertaining and a fun way to stay fit.
Report by: Shiza Zia and Shubha Kamath, Student Reporters, Year 11-B


Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt was just one of the many enjoyable activities held on October 8 during the ‘Pink Week’, in order to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research.
Four teams (each consisting of four members) participated in the hunt and were required to find five clues scattered around the school. Teams were not allowed to split up or share clues, as each grade had their riddles set to different levels of complexity. Students could ask for a “lifeline”, or a hint if they found themselves unable to decipher the clues, in order to help them find the next clue.
Students ran around frantically searching for the well-hidden clues. The students of Year 8 ended up coming first, followed closely by the students of Years 11 and 9.
Report by: Laksh Agarwal, Student Reporter, Year 10-D

Laser Tag

The scavenger hunt was followed by a game of laser tag elaborately set up by the students of Years 12 and 13 for their fellow juniors (Years 7-9). The game consisted of participants working their way through a complex intricate mesh of pink strings, which represented lasers.
The participants had to pay 2 AED for charity and were rewarded with chocolates upon completing the maze of strings for their perseverance.
Report by: Laksh Agarwal, Student Reporter, Year 10-D


Pink Carnival (and Photobooth)

On October 10, a Pink Carnival was held for both parents and students, as part of one of the most anticipated events of the year — the Pink Week. Students from Years 12 and 13 helped organize the fun-filled event, which had a range of game stalls such as ‘Pin the Balloon’, and food stands to serve a wide variety of delectable dishes.
The Carnival was an opportunity for parents to get the taste of Dubai Gem’s Pink Week, and show their support by dressing in pink and purchasing pink ribbons and badges. Al Jalila Foundation was the beneficiary of the funds collected from the sale.
Rhea of Year 6B told Student Reporter, Shobhita, “It was very enjoyable and everyone seemed very happy!” Poorvi of Year 12A expressed her gratitude for the support of the school community, saying: “The experience was amazing, the parents were very helpful, it was quite lively and best of all, we raised a lot of funds!”
Mrs Varsha, a parent, commented: “We are enjoying and so are all the girls and boys. The ambience is very delightful and most of all, we all love helping out by taking part in this empowering event and wearing pink clothes!”
Report by: Shobhita Khiani (Year 7), Albern Agnel and Shyam Soundararajan (Year 9), Student Reporters

Basketball Matches

To conclude the Pink Week, basketball matches were organised for both boys and girls on October 11. Junior and senior school teams faced each other off in an exhilarating match. Students of all primary classes cheered for the participants.
After an intense match, the winning team members of the girls’ juniors’ match were Devika, Ayesha, Siya, Zainab, and Sameeha of Year 6.
Sophia Egbert of Year 11, and Sasha Egbert, Zenia Gandhi and Vidhi Manghnani of Year 13 won the seniors’ match.
After two exciting matches, there was a tie and a draw was declared for the boys’ matches. Despite no winners being named, students left the ground with sportsmanship and lots of memories to cherish.
Report by: Samar Fatima, Student Reporter, Year 8-B