Each year, KenKen International conducts a competition, the biggest Math puzzle competition in the world that brings together the best KenKen players from around the globe to compete for the title of International KenKen Champion.

Created by Japanese Math teacher Tetsuya Miyamoto in 2004, Kashikoku-naru-Puzzle translates literally as “A Puzzle That Makes You Smart”. Hitting that exact right combination of mathematical calculation and logical reasoning, it soon became an international sensation under the name KenKen. As the story goes, “Ken” translates as Cleverness, so KenKen is Cleverness-Squared. That’s an apt description for this arithmetic grid-based brainteaser.

Dubai Gem Private School introduced the KenKen Championship last year. Its prime objective was not to find the best puzzler in the UAE but to get students to solve at least a few puzzles everyday, which ultimately helps them improve their basic math skills.

In KIC 2018, 21 students from DGPS (secondary school) won bronze medals and 3 students won silver medals. Ruhal Kanth of Year 9 appeared in the National Level Competition. Ms. Elham from KenKen International UAE felicitated the medal winners in a prize distribution ceremony held in the school. Vice Principal Dr Poonam Mahindra received a KenKen memento for Dubai Gem Private School.

KenKen puzzles are not only interesting for kids, but also a powerful tool to build problem-solving aptitude and perseverance skills in students. The school encourages every student to solve these puzzles and participate in future championships.