Gifted & Talented Students

The KHDA states:

“Gifted and talented students are those with an outstanding ability in one or more areas of creative or academic achievement. Students would demonstrate performance which is distinct from their peers. Students may demonstrate special talents and abilities in areas such as poetry, drawing, sport, drama, etc.”

Statement of Philosophy

We believe at Dubai Gem Private School that we should provide teaching that makes learning challenging and enjoyable, with all pupils achieving their full potential. We endeavour to help pupils develop their skills and abilities intellectually, physically, artistically and creatively.

Gifted and talented pupils should be given the opportunity to study subjects to a greater breadth and depth. We aim to provide opportunities to develop specific skills and talents. We are also mindful of the importance of our role in helping to develop the whole child and not just one aspect of their abilities. This document outlines Dubai Gem’s practice for working with gifted and talented pupils and illustrates our commitment to them.


Gifted and talented pupils are those who demonstrate a significantly higher level of ability and/or potential than most pupils of the same age in one or more Curriculum areas or in any of the following:

  • physical talent
  • artistic talent
  • mechanical ingenuity
  • leadership
  • high IQ
  • creativity

It is worth remembering that able pupils can also be:

  • good all-rounders
  • high achievers in one area
  • of high ability but of low motivation
  • of good verbal ability but have poor writing skills
  • very able but with a short attention span
  • very able with poor social skills
  • keen to disguise their abilities


In identifying gifted and talented pupils, Dubai Gem Private School makes use of hard data, including the results of twice yearly exams and a wide range of qualitative data, including teacher assessment, pupil observation and the examination of their work and ability. The school makes sure the identification process is rigorous, transparent and fair. We do not discriminate against any group of children and include pupils who arrive after Reception and are late developers.

Where attainment is not high but there are indications of potential high ability, the school strives to identify that potential and nurture it.

Our aim is to build a comprehensive picture of each child’s ability. When a gifted and talented pupil is identified through teacher assessment and professional judgement, further assessment will be carried out through:

  • discussion with colleagues
  • analysis of information from national and school-based tests
  • continuous assessment using open/differentiated tasks
  • careful record-keeping, collation of evidence, e.g. samples of pupils’ work
  • consultation with parents

Whole-school Strategies

Opportunities for extension and enrichment are built into all our schemes of work.

We aim to:

  • create an ethos where pupils feel good about achieving excellence
  • encourage all pupils to become independent learners
  • provide appropriate resources
  • provide a flexible organisation, offering opportunities for the able pupils to work independently or with older pupils of the same ability
  • celebrate achievement
  • involve pupils in decision-making, and taking roles of responsibility e.g. school council

Classroom Strategies

Through effective planning, assessment, record-keeping and liaison with children’s previous teachers we aim to:

  • establish what they have done previously in order to prevent repetition
  • provide challenges through high-quality tasks for enrichment and extension
  • plan work, so that there is always extension material for the able children
  • differentiate appropriately
  • allow the children to make choices about, and organise, their own work
  • set individual, challenging targets
  • set individual homework
  • expect them to carry out unaided tasks that stretch their capabilities
  • develop their ability to evaluate and check their own work
  • improve study skills

Extra-curricular Activities

Dubai Gem Private School provides the opportunity for our gifted and talented pupils so that they can:

  • Take part in local, regional or national dance, sports, speaking, poetry, art and design technology competitions
  • Take part in local or regional quizzes and debates, when available
  • Go on educational visits
  • Attend the Literary festival and attend sessions with visiting authors
  • Organise charity events e.g. blood donation drive, carnival, charity awareness, breast cancer awareness
  • Attend plays and productions presented by outside professional performers
  • Take part in public speaking competition held at school
  • Take part in the interschool Spelling Bee competition