Dubai Gem Students take a pledge to protect our Environment

Dubai Gem would like to thank Mr. Manohar Gidwani, Mrs. Juhi Gidwani and Ms. Laksha Gidwani the proprietor and directors of Al Lokrit International and Mr. Ashish Seta, a parent of Dubai Gem for supporting us in our endevour of building a Green Community & in distributing saplings to all the students of DGPS.


                                Students get saplings, ‘Go green’ day at DGPS

 The  Eco-Warriors of DGPS, under the leadership of Mr Rabie Gaber and Mrs Laxmi Mohanraj, held an assembly on November 15 on the importance of keeping the environment clean.

The assembly, which focused on the importance of recycling in our daily lives, was followed by the distribution of saplings to the students.

The guests of honour — Mr and Mrs Seta, Mrs Gidwani, and her daughter, Ms Laksha Gidwani — helped distribute the saplings. Students were delighted to receive the saplings and showed great responsibility and care with the way they handled them.

The saplings were donated by Mr and Mrs Gidwani of Al Lokrit Company. The school thanked them for their endeavour.

It was a great initiative that will make a difference in the environment and spread an awareness about and importance of ‘going green’!

 Report by: Albern Agnel, Student Reporter, Year 9-E