Dubai Gem runs to raise Environmental Awareness

Dubai Gem runs to raise Environmental Awareness  

February 24th was an active day for Dubai Gem. It was the day the annual Green Run was held at the Iranian Club,  to raise awareness and funds about and for the environment. The event was open to all senior school students and they were challenged to run their best in 20 minutes.

From the girls, Mariam Omar of 9-A and Sarah Barros of 10-B ran the most; a total of 10 rounds (4000 meters). The event was successful for the boys as well, thanks to Manoviraj of 11-D, Matthew of 12-D, Jai of 12-E, Laksh of 10-D and Ayman of 10-D who ran 12 rounds (4800 meters) each.

Mrs. Laxmi Mohanraj and Mr.Rabie ensured the smooth running of the event.

Article by: Laksh Agarwal, 10-D

Student Reporter