Science enthusiasts across Years 7 to 11 presented a range of spectacular projects and models at Dubai Gem’s much-awaited annual science exhibition held on January 23.

“How science and technology could be used to combat real-life issues” was this year’s theme of the exhibition.

Some of the exhibits from Year 8 included a colourful home-made pH indicator that measured the acidity of substances, as well as the classic “elephant’s toothpaste” that showed a chemical reaction between yeast and hydrogen peroxide.

The Year 9 projects were based on a variety of interesting topics, from magnetic levitation, prosthetics, and nanotechnology to neurology, physiology, and bioluminescence. Students also explored the important concepts of energy production, transportation, anatomy and even electrophoresis (DNA cutting). The exhibition was an opportunity for students to bring out their creativity and innovation; besides working models and detailed charts, students also touched upon the matter of increasing the sustainability and cost-effectiveness of preexisting or new techniques used in the vast field of science.

The Year 10 students presented three exhibits – the first explained the Law of Vibration; the second explored the use of polymers in today’s world and commented on the importance of biodegradable products, and the third was a water filter built by four Environmental Management students. This project aimed at raising awareness about how the populace in rural areas filters the water. All three exhibits were very well presented and contributed greatly to the success of the fair along with all the other exhibits.

The Year 11 students also presented three exhibits, which were based on nanotechnology, plasma, and sustainable transport achieved through the laws of physics. Students connected the topics of nanotechnology and plasma to real life by discussing how these technologies could be used to reduce different types of pollution, particularly air and water. The school would like to thank its teachers, ancillary staff and students involved in making this year’s Science Exhibition a resounding success.

Report by: Khushi Desai (8-A), Albern Agnel (9-E), Sarah Barros (10-B), Shiza Zia and Shubha Kamath (11-B); Student Reporters