Theatrical Production

The students from years 7-10 were enthralled to begin the LitFest  week with a sensational educational play Galileo by the Theatrical Group Artspot. The performance was based on the well-known scientist Galileo Galilei’s journey of  discovery, unravelling the mysteries of the universe.

Speak Up Challenge

Secondary students voiced  their opinions on pressing issues in the first Speak Up Challenge organized as part of LitFest 2019.  The topics ranged from values such as respect, tolerance and leadership  to pressing teenage issues including body image and social media. The purpose of this challenge was to enhance public speaking, improvisation, and wordplay keeping in mind the importance of communication as one of the key soft skills in the 21st century.

Language Exhibition

Students in the secondary expressed their creativity and knowledge of the English Language at the English language Exhibition through innovative board games, 3D models, vocabulary games, collages, quizzes and scrapbooks. Displays of students’ skill and creative writing included winning stories, poems and other exemplars. The Exhibition motivated the students to present their understanding in enjoyable ways. The Reading Challenge corner in which the presenters calculated reading speed was very popular among students and teachers alike.  Reading Literacy linked to other subjects such as Math and Science was also a distinctive feature of the exhibition.


Each year, KenKen International conducts a competition, the biggest Math puzzle competition in the world that brings together the best KenKen players from around the globe to compete for the title of International KenKen Champion.

Created by Japanese Math teacher Tetsuya Miyamoto in 2004, Kashikoku-naru-Puzzle translates literally as “A Puzzle That Makes You Smart”. Hitting that exact right combination of mathematical calculation and logical reasoning, it soon became an international sensation under the name KenKen. As the story goes, “Ken” translates as Cleverness, so KenKen is Cleverness-Squared. That’s an apt description for this arithmetic grid-based brainteaser.

Dubai Gem Private School introduced the KenKen Championship last year. Its prime objective was not to find the best puzzler in the UAE but to get students to solve at least a few puzzles everyday, which ultimately helps them improve their basic math skills.

In KIC 2018, 21 students from DGPS (secondary school) won bronze medals and 3 students won silver medals. Ruhal Kanth of Year 9 appeared in the National Level Competition. Ms. Elham from KenKen International UAE felicitated the medal winners in a prize distribution ceremony held in the school. Vice Principal Dr Poonam Mahindra received a KenKen memento for Dubai Gem Private School.

KenKen puzzles are not only interesting for kids, but also a powerful tool to build problem-solving aptitude and perseverance skills in students. The school encourages every student to solve these puzzles and participate in future championships.

Quran Contest– A day to remember

January 31, 2019 was a memorable day for me, Samar Fatima. It was the day when my heart was pounding hard. I tried to calm myself in vain. I was really nervous because I had never been to an inter-school competition. I was at JSS International School in Jumeirah Village Circle for an Islamic festival.

Around 150 schools participated in the competition. I was representing my school that selected me to recite a Surah from the Quran. After I finished reciting, I anxiously walked towards the auditorium. After a while, the school started announcing the results. I was flabbergasted when my name was announced for the 3rd position in the junior category. Everyone congratulated me and I was presented with a trophy and a certificate. I thank the Islamic department for choosing me and giving me the opportunity to show my talent and make me gain confidence. I hope to be surpassing this feat in the future.

Samar Fatima – 8B Student reporter


Science enthusiasts across Years 7 to 11 presented a range of spectacular projects and models at Dubai Gem’s much-awaited annual science exhibition held on January 23.

“How science and technology could be used to combat real-life issues” was this year’s theme of the exhibition.

Some of the exhibits from Year 8 included a colourful home-made pH indicator that measured the acidity of substances, as well as the classic “elephant’s toothpaste” that showed a chemical reaction between yeast and hydrogen peroxide.

The Year 9 projects were based on a variety of interesting topics, from magnetic levitation, prosthetics, and nanotechnology to neurology, physiology, and bioluminescence. Students also explored the important concepts of energy production, transportation, anatomy and even electrophoresis (DNA cutting). The exhibition was an opportunity for students to bring out their creativity and innovation; besides working models and detailed charts, students also touched upon the matter of increasing the sustainability and cost-effectiveness of preexisting or new techniques used in the vast field of science.

The Year 10 students presented three exhibits – the first explained the Law of Vibration; the second explored the use of polymers in today’s world and commented on the importance of biodegradable products, and the third was a water filter built by four Environmental Management students. This project aimed at raising awareness about how the populace in rural areas filters the water. All three exhibits were very well presented and contributed greatly to the success of the fair along with all the other exhibits.

The Year 11 students also presented three exhibits, which were based on nanotechnology, plasma, and sustainable transport achieved through the laws of physics. Students connected the topics of nanotechnology and plasma to real life by discussing how these technologies could be used to reduce different types of pollution, particularly air and water. The school would like to thank its teachers, ancillary staff and students involved in making this year’s Science Exhibition a resounding success.

Report by: Khushi Desai (8-A), Albern Agnel (9-E), Sarah Barros (10-B), Shiza Zia and Shubha Kamath (11-B); Student Reporters

Techno Talent Fest UAE – 2019



First Prize – Website Creation

Shaydon D’Souza  – Yr 12 D

Rohan Sagar  – Yr 12 D

First Prize – Animation

Olivia Thomas   – Yr 10 B

Nidhi Kothari     – Yr 10 B

Sophie Furtado – Yr 10 B

Second Runner up – Digital Design

Zaid Kalsekar – Yr 5E

An ‘Enterprising’ Day

Designed to educate students on the world of enterprise, Dubai Gem’s first ever Enterprise Day was held on the January 27. Students of Years 7 – 11 participated in a wide range of activities that had them thinking out of the box and helped them tap their hidden enterprise skills.

Students participated in a business simulation that included tasks related to working in the business environment with the real-life challenges of running their own business. This included:

Year 7- manufacturing a bicycle from spare parts and calculating the discount;

Year 8- designing products and deciding how to market their product;

Year 9- adding value to bananas and designing posters aiming to make the most profit and

Years 10, 11- designing new products based on school bags and office equipment

As well as embedding an entrepreneurial mindset and approach in students, the day enhanced the development of key skills such as production and adding value, marketing, and profit.

Report by: Amal Aslam, Shreya Kamath, Shyam Soundararajan

Student Reporters, Year 9 List

Model UN — Tackling Global issues

The Dubai Gem Private School held its first internal Model United Nations (MUN) conference from January 31 to February 2. Some 140 students participated in the MUN and it had four committees: the UN Second General Assembly (chaired by Rida Danish, Arzoo Fatima and Neil Dadlani), the UN World Health Organization (chaired by Insiya Saifuddin and Aditya Ashok), the UN Human Rights Council (chaired by Laisha Hiranandani, Riya Kewalani and Anmol Raigangar), and the UN Security Council (chaired by Prarthna Menghani, Shubha Kamath and Laksh Mamnani).

Delegates debated pressing matters — from women’s rights to ensuring healthcare in war-torn areas. Moreover, delegates of the UN Human Rights Council and UN Security Council were also able to experience how the the global body works in the case of real-time threats through the crises simulations organised by the Chairs of these committees. Students participated in every session of the MUN with unwavering enthusiasm and left the conference having learned valuable skills. The conference was organised by the Secretaries-General, Aditya Ashok and Neil Dadlani, the Executive/Admin Team headed by Vidhi Manghnani (DGPS’ Head Girl) and Kiran Parwani, as well as a group of dedicated teachers. There were student members of the Admin Team assisting each committee, as well as a Press Team that recorded each moment of this incredible milestone.

The Model United Nations is a platform for students to develop and exhibit their public speaking skills, confidence and their ability to discuss world affairs by observing and participating in the exciting debates that develop during the committee sessions. These sessions involved substantial researching, critical thinking, teamwork and leadership abilities.

The following are the awardees

Second General Assembly

Best Position Paper (Youth): Norah Alex, Netherlands

Best Delegate (Youth): Gaurav Motiani, Ghana

Best Position Paper: Pashan Sidhwa, Brazil

Best Orator: Laksh Agarwal, Russia

Runner-Up Best Delegate: Sidhant Khanwani, Japan

Best Delegate: Shaydon D’Souza, USA

Security Council

Best Position Paper: Aarav Kanar, India

Runner-Up Best Delegate: Partha Shetty, USA

Best Delegate: Danesh Sutaria, Kuwait

World Health Organisation

Best Position Paper (Youth): Hishita Rajwani, Ethiopia

Best Delegate (Youth): Rhea Raigangar, Japan

Best Position Paper: Shyam Soundararajan, Iraq

Runner-Up Best Delegate: Mustafa Safri, China

Best Delegate: John Hakim, Iran

Human Rights Council

Best Position Paper (Youth): Brianna D’silva, Libya

Best Delegate (Youth): Khushi Desai, Czech Republic

Best Position Paper: Israa Rehan Ali, Philippines

Runner-Up Best Delegate: Nafisa Mustansir, USA

Best Delegate: Viditi Bhatia, Russia

Report by: Shubha Kamath, Shiza Zia

Student Reporters, Year 11 “

The power of Poetry

Students of the Dubai Gem Private School attended the 8th edition of the ‘Poetic Heart’ Symposium at DIFC on December 3 as part of the annual LitFest.

Anishaa Jaisinghani from Year 12A read her poem, ‘Battle for Glory’ to an audience of 700 people who included renowned poets from around the globe Dr. Parween Habib and Aurora Matilde Humarán.

Apart from poetry, there were musical performances. The students spent four hours in the company of poets and musicians and appreciated the art of literature and poetry.

The highlight of the event was the poetry written by children with special needs. The children captured everyone’s hearts with their words and to their delight received a salutation.

Anishaa overcame her fear of public speaking and was greeted with loud cheers and appreciation. Anishaa said that she “loves writing about determination and victory and also truly believes that poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words. “

The students left the venue with big grins and many ideas to ponder upon. Dubai Gem has been attending the symposium for over 3 years now and will continue to do so in upcoming years.

Report by: Riya Kewalani (11B) nt


To support humanitarian initiatives, under the auspices of Al Jalila Foundation, DGPS actively participated in the Breast cancer awareness week as well as the Hala Heart, a newly implemented initiative with the aim to create awareness of cardio vascular diseases. An amount of AED 10, 000/- was collected. Thank you Management, parents, staff and students for your generous contributions!




Fitness Challenge- November

DGPS takes up Dubai Fitness Challenge
Student-teacher throwball match

A student-teacher throwball match was held on November 1 and 4, as part of Fitness Week, a week based solely on inspiring students and teachers to live a healthy and fit life. Teams consisting of both students of Year 12 and 13 and teachers (representing the four houses of DGPS: Hamdan, Maktoum, Rashid and Ahmed) went head-to-head and battled it out with vigour and pure skill. The Ahmed house emerged victorious, bagging the first place, with Mr Rabie Gaber and Mrs Nitu Nagar as its captains, and was followed by the Maktoum, Hamdan, and Rashid houses, respectively. The atmosphere was lively, with students and teachers cheering for their teams as exhilarating games followed each other in quick succession, leaving the audience in awe of the amazing display of skills shown by the players. On the whole, the event was enjoyable as well as effective in making the audience understand the importance of fitness, making it a great addition to the already splendid Fitness Week executed by the students of Years 12 and 13 and the PE department.

Report by: Albern Agnel, Student Reporter, Year 9-E


MMA workshop

On November 14, a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) workshop was held for students of the senior school as part of Fitness Week. The workshop was conducted by Harriett Arranguez of Year 13, and Mr Omar Beebo from the Tiger Kickboxing Institute. The workshop was engaging; the basics of kickboxing were taught to the students, who were then able to test out what they had learnt.
The school thanked Harriett for taking the initiative to organise the workshop.

Report by: Sarah Barros, Student Reporter, Year 10-B


Boot Camp

 On November 15, a boot camp was held by the students of Year 13 as part of Dubai’s 30×30 Fitness Challenge. It was 50 minutes of intense, non-stop physical activity, and was a great way to get the heart rates pounding! The camp began with a warm-up jog around the field, followed by 10 seconds each of high-knees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, lunges, and squats. The activity concluded with a sprint. The event was not only enjoyable but was also successful in reaching out to the school community as a whole, with regard to the importance of health and fitness in our daily lives.

Report by: Shobhita Khiani, Student Reporter, Year 7-A