Anti Bullying week – (Primary)

Dubai Gem Private School held the ‘Anti Bullying Week from 19th to 22nd November 2018. The form teachers and the school Counselor spoke to the students about what bullying is and how to stop it happening in our school. The school has a “zero tolerance” to bullying with the belief that all students have a right to safety, not to be bullied and that bullying is always unacceptable.
We talked about the fact that in order for a person’s actions to be called bullying they have to be a repeated. Falling out with a friend one day and making up the next morning is not bullying. Being unkind to someone day after day is bullying.
The Student Prefect body came together to put up a definition of bullying .’Bullying is any kind of unwanted and aggressive behavior which is repeated over a course of time’. They also discussed preventive measures and actions to be taken in a bullying scenario. Students
made posters and participated in different classroom activities. It helped to raise awareness of how to prevent and deal with bullying.
We want all the students in DGPS to feel safe at school.