An ‘Enterprising’ Day

Designed to educate students on the world of enterprise, Dubai Gem’s first ever Enterprise Day was held on the January 27. Students of Years 7 – 11 participated in a wide range of activities that had them thinking out of the box and helped them tap their hidden enterprise skills.

Students participated in a business simulation that included tasks related to working in the business environment with the real-life challenges of running their own business. This included:

Year 7- manufacturing a bicycle from spare parts and calculating the discount;

Year 8- designing products and deciding how to market their product;

Year 9- adding value to bananas and designing posters aiming to make the most profit and

Years 10, 11- designing new products based on school bags and office equipment

As well as embedding an entrepreneurial mindset and approach in students, the day enhanced the development of key skills such as production and adding value, marketing, and profit.

Report by: Amal Aslam, Shreya Kamath, Shyam Soundararajan

Student Reporters, Year 9 List