Year 7 Boys’ visit the Sharjah Islamic Civilization Museum

Forty two boys from Year 7D and E, went on an educational trip to Sharjah Islamic Museum on Monday, 27th February 2017, during school hours. The group were under the supervision of  Ms. Nitu Nagar, Ms. Caroline Kokatnur, Mr. Rabie Gaber and Ms. Anjum Khalid.

The students piled into the two buses with enthusiasm and set off on the journey to Sharjah, singing songs and talking constantly among themselves


On arriving at the museum, the group was first given a brief introduction on the museum and its history and a description of the various displays. They visited the first gallery which gave them information about various aspects of Islamic Civilization. Here they saw a series of exhibits and pictures, which illustrated various Islamic beliefs, values and culture.

The next gallery was a grand display about the heights of scientific and technological knowledge and achievements attained by the ancient Islamic era scholars. Exhibits explained the various ways in which technology was used in those times. Other exhibits illustrated how Islamic scholars studied the stars and how technology aided them in their everyday lives.

Then it was on to the next gallery, which showcased art works, paintings, weapons and Arabic calligraphy. The students were awestruck by the beautiful paintings and learnt a lot about the influence of art in Islam. They were also shown a video on the heights reached by Islamic architecture, which impressed them tremendously.

The final gallery showcased a wide range of exhibits which included the typical clothes worn in those days, suits of armour, paintings, models of buildings at the time and example of local pottery.

After taking in the entire tour, it was an enlightened group of students that went to the cafeteria for a small snack, following which it was time to get back on the buses for the return trip. The group came back to the school, having gained valuable insight into the vast world of Islamic culture and civilization, its achievements and contributions, to global knowledge and development.


Kunal Dhirani and Farhan Farooqui

Student Correspondents

7-E and D