Year 7 & 8 attend the Nikon photography workshop

50 students from Years 7 and 8, attended a workshop on photography on Saturday, 18th of March 2017, in the school campus. The workshop was sponsored by Nikon and was conducted by Mr. Zulfikhar Ahmed and Ms. Sonu Sultania under the supervision of Ms. Anushree Phadke, Activities Coordinator.

The workshop began at 10 a.m. in the main auditorium where the students were given a PowerPoint presentation on the how to operate a camera and how to click a perfect picture by adjusting ISO, shutter speed and aperture settings. The students were also shown examples of well-composed pictures to use as examples.

Following this, the Instructors then gave the participants cameras, from which they learned about the different parts of the camera. A while later, the students were divided into two groups and were taken outside the auditorium to put theory to practice, by clicking pictures that they interpreted, as relevant to the course.

At 12:30 p.m. the students broke for lunch and returned to the workshop refreshed. It was then time to showcase their pictures to their peers and mentors. During the concluding session, the students were given tips on how to further strengthen their photography skills.

The session finally ended at 2 p.m. The students had evidently gained a lot from this Saturday Nikon workshop. As the Instructors packed their gear, the auditorium was alive with the animated chatter of happy participants, sharing their photographic experiences with their peers!


Kunal Dhirani, Year 7

Student Correspondent