On 5th of March 2017, year 5 students from DGPS visited the Etihad Museum which recently opened its doors to the public.
The museum is located on the same historical site of the Union House, where the constitution of the UAE was signed on 2nd December 1971, thereby establishing its independence.Its location is marked by a huge UAE flag atop a 123-metre golden pole on Jumeirah Beach Road.

The Museum is a magnificent structure; its design is inspired by the shape of a manuscript, with seven columns symbolising the pens used to sign the Union agreement.

As we entered the Visitor’s Pavilion, we went down a flight of stairs which took us to a gallery where there were 14 important pictures depicting the story of the founding of the U.A.E. The photos consisted of the 7 rulers of the Emirates, the Union Venue Gate and the Clock Tower.

Next a huge canvas grabbed our attention on which an Emirati artist, Abdul Qader Al Raishad painted the map of the U.A.E. According to the guide who accompanied us throughout our trip, it took the artist around 6 months to paint it!

After that we were shown the photos of the founders of the U.A.E. and their precious belongings. Some belongings of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyanthat areon display are his glasses, his watch, his stick and his rosary beads.

Also on display are the currencies that were used in the olden days like the Rupee, Riyal and Dinar; and military uniforms and rare medals from the Armed Forces.

We also saw a 3-D video on how the U.A.E. was united and how the contract was signedat the Union House.

The trip ended with the students singing the national anthem beneath the flag and a photo session.

It was an interesting and informative trip providing us with an insight and understanding of the U.A.E. constitution and the rights and responsibilities of the Emirati citizens.


Shams Khan
Student Correspondent
Year 5-D