Year 11 students get important lessons in food and nutrition

Five students of  Year 11 from DGPS, attended the Food and Nutrition Exhibition at Dubai World Trade Centre, accompanied by Mrs. Nandini Sreekumar, on November 7th 2016.  The trip was designed to educate us about healthy eating habits and the importance of a balanced diet, for our overall physical and mental well being.

Many of the leading exhibitors including Geo-Chem Middle East and Super-foods Trading, provided us valuable insights into food processing and technology, as well as educated us about how to extract the best nutritional value from the food we eat. We also got to taste various food items as samples, something that went down very well with us!

Various food experts also taught us about the importance of good nutrition.  Tim Baker, Principal of a catering institution based in the UK, that targets kids aged 5-11 years, taught us how to include subjects like Math and English into the culinary world, as well as instructed us, about the importance of eating healthy and avoiding junk food for a longer, healthier life.

Mr. Baker has established a number of ‘Kitchen Gardens’ for children to grow their own organic ingredients throughout the UK and various European countries. His next aim is to encourage schools in Dubai, to set up such gardens.

Another speaker from the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, spoke about the school food plan, and how to support an effective food foundation in schools.

All of us were so involved in the nutritional aspect of food, that we did not realize the passing of time. We felt truly enriched and enlightened by our trip as we headed back to school, with a determination to eat more healthily in the future.


Student Correspondent

Zenia Gandhi, 11-B