Waste to Wealth

Waste TO WEALTH                   

It’s the little things citizens do. That’s what will make the difference. My little thing is planting trees. Wangari Maathai

16.2.16 – A day that saw the opportunity of planting 6 trees that were awarded to the DGPS for the collection of its recyclables during the year 2015. This has truly been an example of converting our waste into wealth. The year saw the students participating actively in all its recycling campaigns, that included collecting cans, used mobile phones, toners, batteries, tetra pak and of course PAPER.

The participants are awarded the opportunity to plant trees under their names at the annual event.

These recyclables, as always, are forwarded to the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) who undertakes the responsibility of sending them to the recycling plants, thereby ensuring a sustainable use of natural resources and an attempt to reduce pollution.

For all its efforts and commitment, DGPS was invited by the EEG to join them for an event in Fujairah on the 16th of February, 2016, under the theme “For our Emirates – We plant”. Five of our active participants joined Mrs. Sabiha Shaikh, Environmental Coordinator, to plant trees in  Fujairah  behind the Friday Market Area in Masafi .

DGPS has received this honour due to the immense support given to the students by the school management, the principal and the SLT. To show our gratitude, two trees were planted in the name of our two directors – Respected Ms. Latifa Mohamed Rabi and Honourable Ms. Sultana Mohd Rabi, while the third tree was planted in the name of Dubai Gem Private School.

The other trees were planted by Chloe Soares in the name of her sister Arianna Soares, the family who has contributed tremendously to DGPS’ Battery Collection Campaign. Nouman Butt, along with his brother Yasir Butt,  planted a tree in his name for being the top collector of the Mobile Collection Campaign and Mir Mohammed Hussain planted a tree in his name as being the top collector of the Can Collection Campaign. Brianna D’Silva, an active participant of the Paper Collection Campaign joined us to do the honours of planting the DGPS tree.

The students had a wonderful experience planting trees with all the like minded people who have opted for a sustainable lifestyle by contributing huge quantities of wastes for recycling. In all, 600 indigenous trees were planted by environmental conscious people belonging to different age groups and nationalities, thereby continuing EEG’s legacy of creating green spaces in the UAE to plant trees to maintain and sustain an ecological balance and help the national environment as a whole.

Written by: Sabiha Shaikh