The Carnival at DGPS- Creativity meets Fun!

It was that time of year again, when DGPS was abuzz with to-and-fro activity – students wielding paintbrushes, scissors, staple guns, crepe paper, glue, masking tape etc. – yes, it was Carnival preparation time once more! The excitement around the school was palpable   and imagination and creativity were set in motion!

Then we heard the rumblings of the storm on Thursday evening (2nd Feb), which soon matured into a dust storm, followed by rain right into Friday. Now, if sceptics were wondering whether there would be a Carnival after all, they soon found out that no storm, hail or snow, could keep us away and everyone of us – Principal, Vice Principal, admin staff, teaching and support staff and students, ‘the family of DGPS’ as we call ourselves, came together as early as 7 am on Carnival Day – Saturday, 4th Feb, 2017.

We decorated the stalls, put up steamers, arranged props and stall knick knacks. By 9 am, we were ready with beaming smiles that outshone the sunny day! The first of our visitors arrived shortly thereafter and were greeted by a vast array of colourful sights and sounds. What a Carnival it promised to be!


The Carnival began with the Opening Ceremony, which included ribbon-cutting by two little children from our Primary School, flanked by our Principal and Vice Principal. Games stalls such as, ‘Pin the country on the map while blindfolded’, ‘Crossbow Challenge’, ‘Cup a ball’, ‘How long can you go’, ‘Park a remote controlled car between two other cars’, ‘Pong the fish’ and a host of others, saw everyone having a whale of a time.

Teacher support, student talent, ingenuity, high levels of energy, enthusiasm and fun were evident everywhere we went. The Heritage Village, the Henna Stall, the Photo Booth, Treasure Hunt, Target throwing and Fitness Zoom, to name a few, were some of the areas alive with visitor activity. Simultaneously, visitors could view ongoing entertainment, in the form of song and dance provided by the students. If that wasn’t enough, at 1.30 pm, the School Auditorium was packed to capacity with students, their parents and other guests, all eager to watch the ‘Entertainment Show’. This included Asian and Western dances, instrumental and vocal music performances, a Magic Show and a Stand-up Comedy performance. Each was greeted by cheers and a hearty round of applause, which was an indicator of how delighted the audience was.

Now, which Carnival is complete without popcorn and ice-cream, gelato, potato chips and savouries? Well, there was all that and lots more, plenty of mouth-watering snacks to wash down with lemonade and fresh bottles of water for the hungry, the thirsty and yes, the foodies!

The raffle draw brought in a throng of people, eager to win that fantastic bumper prize and on that thrilling note the Carnival concluded.

As the visitors left, balloons and streamers, stall props and the half-eaten food were some of the things that were bore testament to a very happy ‘Day at the Fair’.

Memories of the Carnival will remain with us for a long time, particularly as a wonderful family event, where the entire DGPS Community of staff, students and their parents came together to create, innovate and celebrate some of the most joyous moments that social interaction brings!

By Student Correspondent- Rameen Aslam -10 B

Student Reporter- Manveer Singh -8 D