Students enthralled by performances at ‘Poetic Heart’

On Sunday, 5th February 2017, the students of Dubai Gem had the opportunity to attend the Sixth Edition of the Poetic Heart, held at the Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies, Dubai.

The event presented a kaleidoscope of artistes, musicians and budding young school poets who came together on stage, to enthrall the audience with compositions, that evoked feelings of hope, joy and encouragement.

Held over two days, the event hosted 22 poets, who recited their work in as many as 11 different languages! The event also featured three musicians and an SGI Chorus performance.

Among the young budding stars that unveiled their imagination on stage, was Soham Joshi of Dubai Gem Private School, whose poem: ‘A True Fiend, A Priceless Treasure!’, was selected as one of the best entries!

Other participants from Dubai Gem, included Anishaa Jaisinghani, Rameen Aslam and Nandini Lalwani of Year 10.

It was a unique opportunity, which saw even students with physical impediments, participating with enthusiasm! One of the few participants who were invited from abroad, was 15-year-old Siya Arora, a singer-songwriter from India. Her first original song: ‘Slow Down World’, has earned critical acclaim in the UAE across various media platforms. Siya has performed at various venues in the UAE, including The Atlantis, Ductac, Big Idea and many more!

Another artiste, who really impressed the audience, was young musician Ebin George, who first proved his mettle by playing 27 instruments in an hour consecutively, at a live musical concert!  Ebin was one among the 100 students from various schools, who was invited to perform on stage.

This event was an amazing opportunity for the audience to listen to deeply meaningful poetry and provided school children an extended platform, to share the stage with some established poets. The ‘Poetic Heart’ congregation was greatly enjoyed by our students, who were inspired to tap into their own talents and make a difference!

Student Correspondent

Anishaa Jaisinghani, Year 10-A