Students attend Anti-Bullying Conference

Students attend Anti-Bullying Conference

Six of our students from Year 10 were privileged to attend the Anti-Bullying Conference (ABC), at the Raffles World Academy on April 18, 2016.

The programme began at 9 am and concluded at 2.30 pm. The interesting thing about this conference was that it was conducted entirely by a group of Senior School students from Raffles World Academy. The students took ownership for the entire event, which was the most inspiring part of the whole conference.

After registration and light refreshments, the conference began with a speech from the Principal, Mr. Julian Williams. This was followed by a series of presentations including some by the senior students of the Academy, who spoke to us about what inspired them to put together the ABC conference.

We had three interactive sessions, which included a student workshop on how to solve a case featuring a drama performance by the Academy’s Year 9 students.

One of the highlights was the interactive discussion that we had on cyber bullying, this included students creating ‘mean tweets’ and then going into empathetic mode to realise the impact this has on the recipient.

This was followed by an excellent talk on the various aspects of cyber bullying by psychologist, Dr. Nayla Daou.

Students from various schools in Dubai were invited to attend the conference. This meant that we had at least 15 schools participating. We had a good time interacting with other students over lunch.

We came back inspired about the power and the leadership potential that the students have, if they are willing to work together to achieve something important for the greater good of the student community.

Student Reporter

Kenneth Mendonza , Year 10