Students and Staff come together for Pink Week activities

Dubai Gem marked Pink Week from October 16 to 20, with a series of events designed to raise awareness about breast cancer and raise funds for charity.

The events included fun interactive games for students, ‘The Pink Photo Booth’ where students and teachers could have their own mini-photo shoot professionally done. Both of these events were held during break on Monday and Tuesday.

Perhaps the most popular event of the week was the ‘Pink Bake Sale’ where students could buy special pink doughnuts and cupcakes. The sale took place on Wednesday from 10:00 am-11:00 am.

The fun games included ‘Pink Can Toss’, ‘Fitness Challenge’, ’Sink and Clunk’ and many more. Students paid prices ranging from Dhs 2-5 to play the games. Of these games, the most popular one was the ‘Fitness Challenge’, where students competed with friends to show how fit they were. They could compete by doing the maximum number of push-ups, arm wrestling or planking the longest.

The ‘Pink Photo Booth’ saw a large number of students and teachers lining up to have their photographs taken with friends, colleagues or simply alone. Each photo cost Dhs 2, which was a special price for the day.

The Pink Bake-Sale saw a mouth-watering array of cupcakes from Sugaholic and doughnuts from Dunkin’ Donuts. Each cupcake was sold at Dhs 10 while doughnuts were sold at Dhs 5. The sale was a great success as all the cup cakes and doughnuts were completely sold out!

All the events planned during the week were a great success, with our students and staff coming forward in large numbers to support the good cause. The funds raised were donated to the Al Jalila Foundation, which is a non-profit organization for breast cancer research.

The events planned for Pink Week, were both fun and interactive for students, while helping us do our part by raising funds for a good cause and enabling us to contribute to the greater welfare of our society.

Report compiled by Student Correspodent.

Nandish 9-E