Scouts’ Trip to Dubai Museum



It was a much-awaited trip as  the Year 7 scouts set off to visit the Dubai Museum on Saturday 11th February, 2017. The group was supervised by Ms. Laxmi and Mr. Salman.

It was a troop of twenty four excited scouts who gathered outside Dubai Museum to begin a journey of exploration, learning and understanding the history of the UAE.

The displays of paintings and maps depicting UAE life as it used to be were an introduction to the visit and set the mood for what was to come. The group then went on to a display of the old boats that Emiratis used for their various needs: The Al Sambak for fishing, Al Baggarah for pearl diving and Al Sabmak for transportation of goods and people.

A very popular exhibit was the weaponry and pottery section. The exhibit showcased weapons like axes, spears, daggers, swords, bows, etc. There were also displays of various kinds of pottery and utensils.

Another exhibit that caught the attention of the scout group was a model of an ancient UAE village, which illustrated to the visitors how people lived in the old days and what individual houses and shops looked like.

The group also learned about how dance and music has influenced the culture and lifestyle of the Emiratis. Instruments like a rosewood pipe, a harp, a violin and tambourine were all important instruments that made sweet music in their day.

The students then learned how the Bedouins valued their falcons and camels. They also read about the oasis, desert plants and dessert animals of the UAE.

Towards the end they saw an exhibit on archeological sites in Hatta and Jumeirah, which showcased a wide range of everyday products used at that time.

The trip finally came to an end at noon and it was a statisfied group of scouts that returned to school armed with important knowledge about the history, early life and culture that has built the UAE into the modern country of today.

Report by Student Correspondent,

Kunal Dhirani