Scouts’ day out at Al-Ain Zoo and Jebel Hafeet

It was an exciting day to look forward to, as the DGPS Year 7 Scouts set off on a trip to Al Ain Zoo and Jebel Hafeet on November 12, 2016. The group was supervised by Ms. Laxmi, Mr. Salman and Mr. Hali.

Thirty six scouts piled excitedly into two buses at 8.30 am and set off on an eventful two-hour journey to Al Ain, interspersed by a lot of singing and jokes as the scouts entertained themselves on the road trip.

The zoo was a great introduction to the magnificent local wildlife of which the Arabian Oryx stood out with its graceful gait and rapier-like horns. The students were excited at the sight of the various animals and birds while Ms Laxmi perked their interest even further, by challenging the students to see who could get the best pictures of the animals!

While the rhinos and lions stole the show, the giraffe was also right up there in the popularity stakes. Meanwhile, even the bravest of the group concealed a shiver of dread while visiting the reptile house, which housed a varied collection of snakes, lizards and crocodiles.

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Following a round of ice cream to cool off, the scout troupe then got into the business end of the trip, with a series of activities designed to build up a spirit of teamwork among them.

Following the activity session, it was off to Al Ain Mall for a lunch break, where the scouts and their supervisors enjoyed a delicious meal. The group then made their way up the winding road to the top of Jebel Hafeet, where the students enjoyed a frolic in the hot springs. The water was so warm and soothing that the students were extremely reluctant to climb out and set off on the return journey, but return they had to; it was a tired but happy bunch that returned to Dubai after having an enjoyable and enlightening day full of laughter, learning and exploration!

By Student Correspondents

Kunal Dhirani and Farhan Farooqui

Year 7E/D