Ramadan Iftar at Dubai Gem

Dubai Gem Hosts Iftar Gathering


It is customary during the Holy Month of Ramadan, for people to assemble together as family or as a gathering of friends and loved ones to break the fast together at Iftar.

This year it was a great honour for us at Dubai Gem Private School, to host an Iftar gathering for our extended family of students, parents, staff and well wishers on Sunday, June 11, 2017.

Our Principal, Mrs Ibrahim welcomed everyone and spoke to the assembled guests about the importance and relevance of Ramadan. She also underlined the importance of giving and being charitable to those who are less fortunate among us.

The Iftar was preceded by an informative skit on Ramadan presented by the primary students. This was followed by an interesting quiz which involved both students and parents.

The gathering brought together the students, alumni, teachers and parents who enjoyed the ritual of breaking the fast together. The evening commenced with prayers before the guests broke their fast with the delicious repast set up for them.

It was a very well-arranged and attended event, thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by all. Our heartfelt appreciation goes to the Directors of our school, Madam Bibi and  Madam Sultana for their generosity and support and to all the sponsors, volunteers and organizers who helped make this memorable, community evening possible.


Student Correspondent

Manoviraj Lal- 9 D