Ramadan Charity Drive

Prior to the Holy Month of Ramadan, students from Dubai Gem Private School (DGPS) organised a Ramadan Charity Drive wherein they collected foodstuff that included rice, sugar, oil, milk and tea bags. They managed to collect 40 cartons weighing more than 1000 kg of items which were then handed over to The Emirates Red Crescent, to be distributed to the needy. Apart from this, students are also actively engaged in being part of the Ministry’s “100 Days of Giving’’project, through distributing care packages to the cleaners, commemorating Nurses Day to honour their tireless efforts. Culminating the initiative, the school is hosting an Iftar on the 11th of June to bring the school community together and share the Spirit of Giving.


Mohd Haroon, a student volunteer from Year 10 says:

I am overwhelmed by the enriching experience gained through helping others. It also made me realise that you could be happy by making others feel happy.

Pashan Sidhwa, another student volunteer says:

It was a truly worthwhile experience, helping those in need, during the Holy Month of Ramadan in 2017 ‘the year of Giving’. Knowing how our annual Ramadan Charity Drive helped to fill in those gaps and hardships faced by our less fortunate brothers and sisters, I was overwhelmed with joy to have spent my time fruitfully, along with other students and teachers.

Ms Ibrahim, the Principal says:

“DGPS aims to foster the spirit of giving and empathy in all our students. We thank our parents who generously supported us in this regard.”