Physics Trip to Nobel Museum

The Physics students of Year 10 had a great opportunity to view the discoveries and scientific achievements of the Nobel laureates in Physics, when they visited the Nobel Museum in Dubai Creek Park on February 28.

Launched by the Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation in association with the Nobel Museum in Sweden, the 2017 edition of the museum thrusts the field of physics into the limelight under the theme “The Nobel Prize in Physics: Understanding Matter.”

During the trip, the students took part in an activity to build a circuit independently, watched a fascinating video about the universe and used technology to observe the motion of particles.

Some of the models on show, included the inside explorer, a timeline of Alfred Nobel’s life, antimatter, and many other discoveries. The students were also given a short insight on quantum physics and they did well by understanding  it’s concepts.

The trip  enabled students to be more informed about key discoveries and inventions and awakened an interest into finding out more of the world of science.

Much of the information was based on topics that were part of the students’ current syllabus, therefore giving them fresh insight into the depth of Physics.


Year 10