Uniform Recycling

Life’s blessings are aplenty! We just need to pay heed to them.

On behalf of Mr. Venkat, the Chief Coordinator of the Uniform Recycle Project and myself  we would like to thank Dr. Tassos, Mrs.Malhotra, the admin staff, volunteers (Baizu & Suzee), students and parents who made the effort to think of the unfortunate children once again.

A special ‘Thank You’ to the parents who took the trouble of ironing the uniforms for those who may rarely be able to afford ironing them again!

We have successfully collected over 500 uniforms this year to bring many smiles to families whom we do not know but certainly show that we care. In the past our uniforms have been reused in school in various destinations in India like Anirudh, Udupi Chatralaya and Rotary Club of Thane Midtown.

It means a lot in today’s time to impart such knowledge to the children of Dubai Gem in realising the art of giving and ‘What maybe useless to us may still be a treasure to someone else’. This also proves, ‘To make anyone happy one does not have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful or perfect. You just have to care!’

Dipika Jagasia, Parent representative for Uniform Recycling