Motivational Talk on Breast Cancer Awareness

As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Week in Dubai Gem Private School, students from Years 10-13 were given the opportunity to attend a motivational talk by a breast cancer survivor, Ms. Brigitte Chemla. She is part of the Breast Friends Organisation, which was established in 2005 with the mission to save lives by increasing awareness of breast cancer in the United Arab Emirates.

Ms. Chemla retold her inspiring story, beginning with how the word ‘cancer’ seemed foreign to her, to the check-ups she missed for three years, and finally, the mammography which revealed she had Stage 3 cancer. Ms. Chemla went on to remind the students that being diagnosed was not a death sentence, rather, it gave her the chance to live a longer life.

Braving various treatments including chemotherapy, Ms. Chemla is now cancer-free. She urged students to encourage their sisters, mothers and grandmothers to go for annual check-ups. Currently, she resides in Dubai and works for an insurance company, while participating in activities such as skydiving and karate. Ms. Chemla strongly believes in the importance of spreading awareness about breast cancer worldwide.

The talk really drew our attention to the rise in the number of cancer cases and the benefits of early detection.

Rameen Aslam – Year 10

(Student Correspondent)