Mother’s day concert

“To the world you are a Mother, but to your child, you are the World”. There is no greater gift than “MOTHER”.

We at DGPS took this opportunity to make our Mothers feel special and with the help of our teachers organized various activities for our Mothers. These activities were spread over a period of three days wherein mothers were pampered over Zumba classes, Yoga classes and Makeup sessions.

These activities were followed by the finale concert dedicated to all Mothers by Grade 4 & Grade 6 students on 21st March 2017.

The concert started with performances by Grade 4 students, dressed up as families representing different nationalities – United Arab Emirates, India, Pakistan, Britain, China and many more. There were songs sung in different languages dedicated to all Mothers accompanied by dance during this special occasion.


After the overwhelming performances by Grade 4 students, the Grade 6 students started their act, which had a good message for all the students that there was no replacement for one’s mother, whatever said and done, a child will always look forward to the care and love the mother provides. With this strong message, there were also dance acts performed by various student groups along with the songs sung by students during the concert.

The concert was concluded with a vote of thanks from our Principal and Chief Guest Mrs. Hina Sarfaraz, an ex-student of DGPS. But this was not the end for mothers as there were 3 lucky draws announced wherein 3 mothers were given some amazing prices making ‘All Mothers feel special’.

Manav Motiani, 6E

Student Correspondent