Litfest 2016-17

The fourth edition of the Annual Literature Fest organised by the English Department was held from 19th to 22nd February, 2017.  This annual event is aimed at nurturing in students a passion for literature, speaking, reading and writing.  An equally important goal is to provide a platform to showcase and celebrate the talent, skills and creativity of our students.

This year’s events included Debate, Pictionary, Elocution, Drama, Literature and Language quiz, Caption Writing, Flash Fiction, and Creating a Reading Corner.


The first cross-curriculum debate between the Science and English Department was organised for students of Years 12 and 13.  The topic of the debate was ‘Will Artificial Intelligence be more intelligent than Humans?’ The Proposition and the Opposition teams spoke passionately on the issue and came up with their perspective regarding the same. They justified their arguments with examples from around the world and defended their view points. It was an enjoyable event.


Effective public speaking can win hearts, minds and souls. It can inspire commitment, courage and conviction. When given a chance, that’s what the 8th graders proved at the Elocution Competition as part of the Fest.


The girls and boys of Year 9 hosted the much awaited Drama programme under the guidance of the English Department. The students enacted excerpts from their text book, ‘View From the Bridge’.  It was indeed an exciting event that spread the magic of Literature.


Students of Years 10 and 11 stretched their creativity and wrote witty captions for the images that were displayed.


During the Literature Festival week, boys and girls of Year 7 were given the opportunity to exhibit their creativity through a playful yet competitive Pictionary game. Each student was given two minutes per word to get as creative as they could. It was surely stimulating to watch them bring out their artistic skills.


The challenge was to incorporate all elements of a narrative in 100 words within a time span of 60 minutes. The event was aimed at bringing out the creative excellence among the budding authors.


The Language and Literature quiz was a fine blend of questions to test the general knowledge of the participants from Years 9 to 11.


Students of Years 7 to 10 were inspired to create a comfortable and attractive reading space in their own classrooms. The enthusiasm picked up slowly and reached its full momentum on the last day.

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