Flag Day- November 2nd 2017

Every year, the celebration of Flag Day at Dubai Gem Private School, reflects a symbol of unity, patriotism and loyalty to the UAE and its wise leadership, and adherence to the values of the union established by the UAE’s Founding Fathers.

This year too, Dubai Gem Private School took the opportunity to promote and celebrate UAE values by the celebration of National Flag Day on November 2nd, 2017.

At 11am, all the students from Primary and Secondary schools, along with the entire school faculty, gathered in the school quadrangle, each holding a small UAE flag. The ceremony commenced with speeches from the school prefects, followed by the Principal, Mrs. Humera Ibrahim, who underlined the significance of Flag Day and also elaborated on the symbolic meaning of the flag, its colours and what they represent.


This was followed by an enthusiastic and spirited singing of the National Anthem by the students. Then it was time for the much-awaited flag hoisting ceremony, which was led by the Head Boy, Aayaan Mehta and the Head Girl, Prarthna Lal.

Lastly, the celebration ended with the students waving their flags proudly as they were dismissed.

Once again, Dubai Gem Private School eagerly joined the country in celebrations, by hoisting the flag in honour of the country’s past, present and future efforts.


Purvi Harwani

Year 11B

Student Correspondent