Earth Day

April 25, 2017 – A beautiful morning that saw the entire Primary School in its quadrangle with colourful yet meaningful posters giving out the message as what is to be done to make this earth a better place, to conserve its resources, to bring in green attitudes into our daily lives.  It was a day when DGPS celebrated Earth Day with a poster parade – each level giving out important messages related to the current environmental issues. The tiny tots from Foundation Stage 1 and 2 walked the parade, very skillyfully dressed in the colours of the Earth and carrying heavy messages to save the Earth. It was truly an exercise creating awareness that our Earth needs urgent attention.


The parade was followed by a daylong of challenging activities at every level. These included making individual Earth pledges, designing art from waste, contributing huge quantities of paper, bringing in a Litter less Lunch to bring forth the concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Students of Year 5 prepared powerpoint presentations on Earth Day while the Year 6 took up the challenge of reducing the CO2 by carpooling to school. Overall, a day with a lot of research done,  information gathered and shared, pledges taken and an immense commitment made by the students.


Overall, the theme of Earth Day 2017 “Environmental and Climate Literacy” was spearheaded with the belief that each one can make a difference.