Dubai Gem Participates in the Poetic Heart 2018

“The poet’s words can generate harmony and guide humanity towards a peaceful world in which the dignity of life is respected.” -Dr. Daisaku Ikeda, leading peace-activist, poet and founder of the SGI.

SGI-Gulf, in association with Dubai International Academic City, hosted yet another gathering of young poets at the ‘Poetic Heart: Connecting Lives’ poetry symposium on the 4th of February, 2018. It is a platform where established poets, musicians and school students unite and share their expressions through poetry on the themes of universal harmony, peace, environment and happiness. Students from all over the UAE submit self-written poems on these themes, and the best are presented at the symposium.

Dubai Gem-a school where many unique, creative minds come together- was one of several schools to attend the annual event. Poetry enthusiast Rameen Aslam (Year 11) was chosen to read her profound and thought-provoking composition titled, ‘Building Bridges: A Study of the Ocean’, which had been shortlisted from over 270 submissions, to a record audience of over 1000 invitees of students, teachers, parents and eminent poets of international acclaim.


At this, my first experience of attending the Poetic Heart symposium, I found myself marvelling at the incredible literary talents of my fellow students. Even performances in between the poem renditions especially that of the multi-lingual song performance by world-record-breaking Suchetha Satish (whose name has been flashing all over the local dailies for her recital of songs in 102 languages) had me in awe. Under the Emirates NBD’s #together limitless initiative, differently-abled students recited poems and performed instrumental pieces, leaving the audience and myself with the greatest admiration for them.

After having listened to all these prospective literary figures, I now feel both confident in the future of literature, and also inspired to try my hand at writing poetry.

Article by: Shubha Kamath, Student Correspondent (Year 10B)