Dubai Gem marks Diabetes Awareness Week

Dubai Gem marks Diabetes Awareness Week

Dubai Gem marked Diabetes Awareness Week-from Sunday, 19th November to Friday, 24th November 2017, with the aim of spreading awareness and educating the school community about diabetes.

Several activities were conducted through the course of the week to achieve this, including a boot camp, a football match between the students of Years 12 and 13, and a Zumba session, all designed to get students active and convey the importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Diabetes Awareness Assembly

On Sunday, the 19th of November, a Diabetes Awareness Assembly was held in the school auditorium. Nurse Rebecca, from the school’s medical staff team, began the assembly with a presentation explaining the causes, risks, modes of treatment and preventive measures of diabetes, a disease that affects 371 million people worldwide. This presentation was followed by a speech from a Year 8 student, Kashish Bulchandani. Kashish – a diabetic since the age of 2, described how diabetes had affected her life and how, despite this, she has managed to rise above the everyday challenges and live a near-normal life, stating exercise as her key to being able to do so.

Boot Camp

The Boot Camp, conducted on the 20th of November, is an annual event that challenges students from Years 7 to 11, to complete a course of physically challenging exercises. Novice exercisers and fitness enthusiasts alike, participated in a sequence of jumping jacks, high-knees, lunges, jump-squats, skipping, sit-ups and push-ups.

The event, organized by the P.E. Department with the help of Year 12 and 13 students, was not only enjoyable but was also successful in creating awareness regarding the importance of fitness in leading healthy lives.

Football Match

On the 21st of November 2017, Dubai Gem organised a football match, with the Year 12 students competing against those from Year 13. The match took place in the Iranian Club’s football field, with students from Years 7-11 turning up to cheer them on.

The match was an intense one, with both sides pushing hard to get on the scoreboard. The first half ended with the juniors ahead by one goal scored by Nikhil Laxmisan. Despite the efforts of the Year 13 students, the junior team did not relent through the second half, and the match ended with the final score remaining 1-0.

Zumba Session

Conducted by the girls of Years 12-13, the Zumba session was held in the school auditorium on Tuesday, 21st of November. The dance-based exercise was led by Bhavika, Aaminah (Y13) and Anushka (Y12), and had students and teachers dancing to popular songs.

The Zumba session was a great success amongst students of Years 7-11, who appreciated the break from the school day and found the session an entertaining and fun way to stay fit.

In addition to these activities, students across all Year groups wore blue t-shirts to school on Tuesday, and designed blue cards that were put up around the school campus with facts about diabetes on them (blue being the official colour for Diabetes Awareness Month). The week was, overall, a great success in educating the school community about diabetes and the importance of leading happy, healthy lives!

Student Correspondents

Shubha Kamath, Nandish Karmani, Manoviraj Lal

Year 10