Dubai Gem celebrates Mother’s Day

Mothers of students at Dubai Gem Private School were appreciated and honoured on March 20th, 2017, with great enthusiasm and zeal. The school principal, Mrs. Humera Ibrahim, in her welcome speech, focused on the indispensible role of the mother,  in the holistic development of her children, with the goal that they will go on to live fulfilling lives, while contributing positively to society.

The Principal’s welcome speech was followed by an innovative programme that included a fascinating and interactive makeup demonstration by Ms. Kimberly Carey and Ms. Sara Kostandy.


Later, while the audience of mothers and their teenage girls sat in the glow of makeup reflections. Ms. Carey, who is an English teacher by profession, gave an inspirational talk that centred on, ‘belief in oneself’. This motivated the audience to realise the natural beauty that lies within each one, making them ‘perfect’ just the way they are!

This wonderfully uplifting message was followed by mothers and daughters participating in a fun-filled quiz which engaged the audience fully. The winners received prizes from the sponsors, who were Eleanor Beauty Products and Alisha’s Pro Beauty Store.

As the programme concluded and our precious mothers began to leave, overcome with emotion for my own mother, I was reminded of a quote by Mildred B. Vermont, which reads: Being a full-time mother is one of the highest-salaried jobs in the world, since the payment is pure love!

By Prarthna Lal,

Year 13