DGPS students participate in Model United Nations Conference

On the 3rd, 4th and 5th of November 2016, 20 DGPS students from Years 9-13, got a glimpse of what it would feel like, to be at the United Nations, through their participation in the Model United Nations (MUN) Conference held at the American University in Dubai, accompanied by DGPS MUN coordinator, Mrs Lekha Rout.

The Model United Nations, is an extracurricular activity in which students typically role-play as diplomats representing a nation or non-governmental organisations (NGO) in a simulated session of a UN Committee, such as the Security Council or General Assembly. Delegates on a committee represent a country, other than their own, to research its history, geographical position and political situation. They then debate, deliberate and consult from their appointed country’s standpoint on specific world issues on the current United Nations agenda.

On the first day, the students arrived at AUD by just after noon, in order to be registered. During this time, the students were able to interact with the other delegates and form allies for their respective committee sessions. At 2 pm, the delegates assembled in the AUD auditorium for the welcoming ceremony and to be introduced to the Chiefs. From there, the delegates were led to their respective classrooms by their Chairs and Co-chairs.

The first committee session lasted for three hours where the delegates were briefed about the committee procedures. This was followed by the highly anticipated Social Night, which began at  6:30 pm, where the students enjoyed themselves thoroughly, mingling and making friends with students from other institutions.

The following day, the delegates attended a 10-hour session with short breaks in between for lunch and refreshments. At this session, the delegates learned about the importance of discussing global issues and their international impact, agreements and solutions. Most importantly, the delegates gained valuable skills in being focused and alert.

The final day comprised of a 3-hour session to conclude the three day discussions and to bid adieu to newly formed friends and allies. Various awards were presented at a presentation ceremony, with DGPS’ Sanjana Gupte, Sasikumaran Nandakumar and Gaurav K Sagar winning prizes for best presented position papers and best speakers respectively!

The event concluded with a closing ceremony, bringing the curtain down on three days of highly-educative and engrossing activity, which opened our eyes to the world of international diplomacy and its effectiveness in building consensus and cooperation among nations!

By Student Correspondents: Esha Zia and Sasikumaran Nandakumar

Year 11