DGPS students participate in Green Run

On the 27th of February, 52 runners from the secondary school, staff of the PE Department and the Environment Co-ordinators gathered at the Iranian Club, to participate in a great cause.


The Green Run is an initiative aimed to raise money for the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and EWF (Emirates Wildlife Fund). The concept of the Green Run was that for every 400m lap a student clocked in, a certain sum of money would be donated to the cause.

There was an excellent response from the students of Years 7 to 13. Our students performed admirably. Among the girls, Naomi from Year 13 covered the largest distance by completing 20 rounds. Among the boys, Matthew and Jai of Year 10, completed the highest number of laps with 31 each. Each of the runners, gained new confidence through their involvement in the ‘Green Run’.

The participating students and the whole school community were happy to be part of an initiative to support conservation efforts.


By Student Correspondent

Savannah Tauro

Year 10