DGPS girls enjoy a Field Trip to IMG Worlds of Adventure- Feb 22nd 2018

The much-awaited school field trip to the recently-opened IMG Worlds of Adventure was held on February 22, 2018. Having battled it out on the field for Sports Day the previous morning, the girls of Year 7-13 entered the park in eager anticipation of the day of fun and excitement that they had earned.

For those who hadn’t been to the park before, a wonderful sight met their eyes: from the IMG Boulevard the indoor park diverged into three dazzling sections- ‘Cartoon Network’, ‘Lost Valley-Dinosaur Adventure’ and ‘Marvel’.

Each zone featured rides, attractions and merchandise stores in the theme of the zone. Students enjoyed exploring the zones, with the most popular attractions being: ‘The Haunted Hotel’, for which students found the 15+ age restriction completely justified; ‘The Powerpuff Girls-Mojo Robot Rampage’; ‘Thor Thunder Spin’ which, true to its name, had students and teachers whirling midair; ‘Spider-Man Doc Ock’s Revenge’ (the short duration for which I refused to open my eyes) and finally ‘The Velociraptor’, IMG’s thrilling crown jewel.

Teachers and students alike, braved the terrifying, yet exhilarating roller coasters, excitedly joining the long lines that snaked around the attractions. Adrenaline rush-triggering rides aside, there were simulations and 2-kmph rides aplenty for little children and not-so-brave visitors.

For those for whom food is considered more of a priority at trips of any sort than the actual attractions themselves (such as myself), IMG catered well to their needs with numerous themed restaurants.

The trip was indeed memorable, to say the least, with students lamenting about the short period for which the excursion lasted (as well as not having tried the churros).

Happy, elated faces and arms filled with bags of food, merchandise and game-stall winnings left the park, keenly awaiting the next memory-making field trip.

Student Correspondent
Shubha Kamath
Year 10