DGPS celebrates UAE’s 46thNational Day

Dubai Gem Private School celebrated the founding of the United Arab Emirates as a federation with an assembly, on November 29th. The assembly commemorated not only the 46th UAE National Day, but also Commemoration Day-to remember and pay respects to the martyrs who have given their lives in the service of the UAE- as well as the birth anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The assembly commenced with a speech in Arabic about the UAE’s National Day by Israa Rehan (translated by Vedika Manghnani) of Year 10. This was followed by a video on the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The significance of the National Day for our school, was described by Sayed (Yr10), who also addressed the audience in Arabic. Head Girl Prarthna Lal, and Head Boy Aayan Mehta, further elaborated on the history and development of the UAE as an open, tolerant and culturally-diverse nation with accelerating growth in almost all fields, from education to sustainability.” For expatriates, the UAE National Day is an opportunity for us to express our gratitude and good wishes to the UAE,” Aayan Mehta said.

A short presentation followed, conducted by Year 10 students, Israa and Afiya on UAE’s current developments, including the upcoming Expo 2020, which was then followed by a video featuring members of the school community expressing their feelings about the UAE. Then it was time for a skit enacted by the Year 10 students, about the culture and traditions of the UAE.
With the dual purpose of entertaining and exhibiting the lively Emirati music and dance, the girls of Year 5 performed the iconic ‘Khaliji’ dance, where the hair is the main element highlighting the rhythmic movements of the dancers.

The school choir then awed the audience with a melodious rendition of ‘Emarati’, after which Shaheera Waseem, Midhat Salman and Amna Naeem (Yr 7) recited a poem celebrating the UAE. Finally, the boys of Year 7 rounded off the proceedings with a performance of the the traditional ‘Ayala’ dance, more commonly known as the ‘stick dance’.
The assembly was our way of celebrating the union of the seven Emirates, as well as the unique culture and traditions of the land we live in. In tribute to UAE’s National Day, students and teachers wore clothes comprising of one or more of the flag colours.

The School day ended with all of us still in a celebratory mood!

Shubha Kamath- Year 10B
Student Correspondent