DGPS celebrates Flag Day


On the morning of November 3, the students and staff of Dubai Gem gathered in the school quadrangle to honour the spirit of the UAE, on the occasion of Flag Day.

On Flag Day, all residents of the country, Emirati and expatriate, commemorate the sacrifices of the nation’s founders and pay tribute to their far-sightedness and forward-looking vision, by raising the UAE flag. Flag Day also reminds us of the guiding principles of the Union, which are tolerance, justice, peace, and moderation, principles by which we live in harmony in this country.

Once gathered in the quadrangle, the assembled staff and students sang the national anthem after which the flag was raised. The mood of the assembly was distinctly celebratory. The students were also given small flags to commemorate the occasion. Our Principal Ms. Humera Ibrahim, spoke to us about the meaning and importance of Flag Day and explained the reasons behind celebrating it.

The UAE Flag Day also reminded us, of all the happiness, security and prosperity that we enjoy while living in the UAE.


By Student Correspondent Arianna Soares

Year 13

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