DGPS boys enjoy a fun-filled trip to IMG Worlds of Adventure- Feb 21st 2018

Wednesday, February 21, 2018, was a long-awaited day for the boys of Dubai Gem. It was finally time for the highly anticipated annual field trip, which this year was to the IMG Worlds of Adventure and the largest indoor theme park in the world!
Not surprisingly, it was a very excited group that made our way into the park. The thrills began from the entrance itself, where we had the choice of three different themes to enjoy rides and experiences in. The sections were themed: Marvel, Cartoon Network and Prehistoric Dinosaurs. We also got a chance to visit the infamous ‘Haunted Hotel’.

Apart from all the roller-coasters and simulators that the thrill seekers among us patiently stood in lines to experience, we were also treated to a dazzling array of food from various international cuisines. Choices were aplenty ranging from Indian, Chinese, Mexican or even simply a burger.

Perhaps the most unique attraction was the Haunted Hotel which was a real test of courage not only for us but for our accompanying teachers as well. Open to only those above 15 years of age, the attraction featured professional actors that were trained to give the visitors a real fright!

Much sooner than we expected, it was time to say goodbye to a memorable trip and return to school. This was a wonderfully enjoyable picnic that on reflection, we could put into our box of fond memories. We returned refreshed and in high spirits, looking forward to the challenge of the next day’s Sports Day!

Student Correspondent
Nandish Karmani
Year 10