Creative talent comes to the fore at DGPS Art Exhibition!




‘Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.’ These words by Edgar Degas, was brought alive in telling fashion at DGPS, through the recently-organized Art Exhibition at the school.

The Art Exhibition was organised on February 26th, 2017, to help showcase the talents of students from Years 1-13, in the field of Art and Design. The Art Department teachers: Mrs Maria Komal, Mrs. Vijita Moray, Mrs. Noveen Zahit and Mrs. Iti Sethi helped to organize this event.

Participation was enthusiastic across the board, and the exhibition opened with a vast array of art exhibits, which were the result of painstaking creative work by the students. The exhibition was inaugurated by the Guest of Honour, Mr. Akshay Arora – a Chartered Accountant and a prolific artist himself!

It was a grand welcome that awaited Mr. and Mrs. Arora, with the art students assembling in the form of a human chain to escort the chief guest to the exhibition, following which, the exhibition was officially inaugurated with the ribbon cutting and the presentation of a bouquet to Mr. Arora, as a token of appreciation from the school.

The art exhibition commenced with Mr. Arora, the School Principal- Mrs. Humera Ibrahim, Vice-Principal -Dr. Poonam Mahindra, Advisory Committee, SLT Department and Parents reviewing the student’s creative accomplishments on display.

On the walls hung a kaleidoscope of artistic expression; from divergent patterns of modern paintings, charcoal drawings, pencil drawing to oil paintings; the line-up of art was truly amazing.

The Chief Guest then suggested that the students put their imaginations to work on a canvas set up at the venue. The challenge was taken up with alacrity, with the students eager to engage their artistic mindsets, to imprint their imagination on a canvas.

The final creation was a majestically contrasting display of red, yellow and orange silhouetted by a leaf, crafted delicately with intricate detail. Regarded by an impressed Mr. Arora, as a masterpiece by itself, the Chief Guest then went on to give the creation some exquisite finishing touches.

From juxtaposing the shades, balancing the tones, implementing a multitude of techniques and applying silver sheets, the artwork could be defined as an all-rounder. The final touches metamorphosed the students’ creation into something magical, a noteworthy piece of art, one which could easily be showcased in an art museum!

The event concluded with final remarks by Mr. Akshay Arora, stating that he appraised the students’ creations and enthusiasm as extraordinary and believed that these aspiring artists should unleash their potential on a bigger stage at the national level!

Following the inaugural event, the senior prefect body conducted a brief interview with the Guest of Honor with regards to his journey with art. Mr. Arora strongly believes that the inspiration for him pursuing a career as an artist was nurtured at a very young age, as his mother was an artist and his school art teacher encouraged him to follow his dreams.

When questioned as to what inspired him to paint, he exclaimed that his creativity was sparked by his wife Rekha, who would aid him in setting up the tools necessary for him to indulge in his creative side. Furthermore, being a member of the Urban Sketchers Community has also influenced his perspective on art.

The art exhibition was an enriching experience and provided students with the ideal platform to bolster their perspective of art and attain feedback on their artworks. Additionally, it also gave the whole school community, a window into the magnetic world of art! The success of the event can be attributed to the Art Department, for organizing the event and the School Principal for her support.

The energy depicted in all the paintings was powerful, unique and beautiful, moreover, the exhibition instilled a strong message: ‘The world is nothing but a canvas to our imagination’.

By Student Correspondent,

Pranay Menghani,Year 13