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General Inquiries: Primary

Tel No: 04-3376661


General Inquiries: Secondary

Tel No: 04-3376661


Admission Enquiries: FS1 - Year 9

Contact Person: Delna Bharucha

Tel No: 04-3376661-611

Email :

Accounts (School Fees)

Contact Person: Bharti Sharma

Tel No: 04-3376661-636



Contact Person: Ummed Ali

Tel No: 04-3376661-625

Job Applications

Contact Person: Ruchi Arora

Tel No: 04-3376661-645


NOTE: Please avoid sending your CV’s to multiple email addresses at the school as this causes problems and results in us assigning applications to the junk mail when we receive multiple applications from candidates.  Our system is efficient and you only need to send one email to the above address.  If you are short listed we will contact you to come and meet with us.

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