Comedy show lights up pink week

It was a double treat for us, the students of Dubai Gem Private School, when we welcomed UAE’s Queen of Comedy, Ms. Mina Liccione, and successful children’s author, Rachel Hamilton, for the Stand-Up Comedy Show, at the school auditorium on Thursday 20th October, as part of the school’s Pink Week activities.

The students from Years 10 to 13, lined up with enthusiastic anticipation at 11:30 am in the quadrangle, before making their way into the auditorium for the show, which had also drawn in a large number of our parents.

The show began with the Prefects of Dubai Gem giving a brief introduction of the events that took place throughout the Pink Week, such as the Bake Sale and the Pink Zone. It was followed by an introduction about Rachel Hamilton, who studied at Oxford and Cambridge before embarking on a highly-varied career that has seen her working in an advertising agency, a secondary school, a building site and even a men’s prison. She has received numerous awards such as the Worcestershire Awesomest Book Award 2015 and the Ossett Riveting Read Award 2016, for her debut book: ‘The Case of the Exploding Loo’.

Being a mother herself, Ms. Maddow constantly gave us real-life examples during her act, easily identifying with the audience and keeping all of us captivated. Along with her jokes, she also raised awareness about breast cancer, with relevance to the Pink Week.

Soon, Mina Liccione, who is an award-winning performing artist – comedian, tap dancer, choreographer and arts educator, followed her on stage, constantly interacting with the jovial audience and keeping them enthralled. Ms. Liccione often reached out to the audience and drew them into her jokes after asking them their names. She also performed a few different types of dances, such as jazz and hip hop, while giving us her insights on how these styles developed.

The programme finished all too soon, but gained the appreciation from all, including our Principal, Mrs. Humera Ibrahim, who said: “I wish this show had never ended.” Not only was this just a marvellous comedy show, but also a rich learning experience about the power of humour, for those of us who attended it!

Report by Student Correspondent