Coastal Cleanup Campaign

On Thursday, 1st October 2015, our school participated in a Coastal Clean-Up program. This was the first time our school took part in a coastal clean-up in collaboration with the Emirates Environmental Group. This campaign will cover all Emirates in a ten day long initiative. The goal of this campaign is to create a culture of waste management and recycling among the people and instill the ‘My UAE, Cleaner UAE’ motto.

Students from grades 10A and 10B were escorted by the Teachers, to the Jebel Ali Beach to participate in this event. The event began at 7:00 am and ended at 10:30 am. The students collected all the plastic waste that was lying around the beach as a part of the campaign. Most of the garbage collected contained rubber tires, plastic bottles and pieces of thermocole.

Students got an insight into how dangerous & hazardous the disposal of waste could be for the marine life and the ecosystem. It highlighted the importance of recycling waste materials, mainly plastic. The experience was very rewarding.

Sasha Egbert, 10A,

Student Correspondent