Dubai Gem Private School – Award Night

Dubai Gem Private School – Award Night

It takes a million years to make a star and another few millions for it to vanish! Precisely the idea that led to the StarNite Film Festival – celebrating the magic of films, the magic of storytelling; an art that never gets old. The joy of telling a story, narrating an emotion, expressing an idea, in the form of a short film; was what led to the inception of StarNite Film Festival. The process was undoubtedly tiring, where StarNite started off as a concept, which turned into a reality, turning to an outstanding success.




As part of the 45th Anniversary celebrations, Dubai Gem Private School organized the StarNite short film festival on 26th January 2018 with a spectacular film awards ceremony to honor young budding filmmakers within the school. The night included pieces of dance, music and song… along with presentation of various awards – Most creative idea, Best Background Score, Best Editing, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, DGPS Vision & Mission Special Award, Best Actor-Male, Best Actor-Female, Best Film, Best PSA (Public Social Announcement) and the Starnite Honorary Mention Award.

Along with presentation of various awards, the night was filled with dance, music and song while Hosts Partha Shetty, Aditya Ashok and Aliya Singh kept the crowds entertained throughout with their one-liners, rapid questions and short acts of entertainment. The event management team of StarNite was happy to see their dreams turn into a reality as they shared their experiences.

Among the very many reputed guests were Mr Uzair Merchant, winner of the best Indie Film in the L.A. Film Festival 2018, Mr Mustafa Abbas, who’s among the current crop of young Emirati filmmakers at the forefront the UAE’s growing industry. His latest film screened at the recent Cannes Film Festival, and Ms Nayla Al Khaja who founded The Scene Club, Dubai’s first film club, launched in 2007. Al Khaja wrote, produced and directed several films, presented and awarded in international film festivals. The other guest included Dedra Stevenson, Kahlid Al Budoor, Bashaar Ansari to name a few.

The winners of StarNite were thrilled to receive the awards from these and many eminent guest who had first-hand experience in the world of film and media. The shine in the eyes of every winner on the awards night were like the bright burning stars in the universe. Truly, a dream come true!

The winners of the various categories were:

Most Creative Idea – Caught In the Delusion
Best background score – The Perfect Life
Best Editing – The Two Pathways
Best Screenplay Music- Playlist Escape
Best Cinematography – The Perfect Life
Best PSA (Public Social Announcement) – One More Chance
DSPS Special Award – Ladies in black
Best Actor (Male) – Mathew Barros Best Actor – The Perfect Life
Best Actor (Female) – Shanelle Misquitta – Entangled
Best Film- Entangled
Starnite Honorary Mention Award-Playlist: Escape

The teams were thrilled to receive awards from the eminent guest who had first-hand experience in the world of film and media.
The event was truly a dream that came true – a night when the stars shone bright!

 Article in the Khaleej Times- 2nd February


The Dubai Gem Inter-house Math Quiz for the Secondary School was held on the 14th of January, 2018. The four houses (Rashid, Maktoum, Hamdan and Ahmed), each fielded a three-member team of students Years 8-10, for the competition.

The quiz consisted of five rounds: Multiple Choice Questions, Cross-Curricular Links, Visuals, Higher Order Thinking Skills Questions, and the Rapid Fire round. In addition to these five competition rounds, there were two audience rounds, to engage the audience with some interesting and mind-boggling questions. There was also a ‘Year of Zayed’ round, to test the participants on their knowledge on the ‘Father of the Nation’, H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, as this is the ‘Year of Zayed’ as proclaimed by the U.A.E.

After a lot of hard work and determination, Shyam (8E), Tia (9A) and Garima (10A) secured the first place for Rashid House, followed by Ruhal (8E), Aditi (9B) and Manoviraj (10E) of Ahmed House in second place. Hamdan House and the Maktoum House were placed third and fourth respectively.

                  The trophies were handed out to the winners by the Principal, Mrs Humera Ibrahim, and by the Vice-Principal, Dr Poonam Mahindra. This was then followed by a group picture call for all the participants, the Principal, Vice-Principal, the Math Department and all the remaining students who helped prepare the questions and organize the entire assembly.
Overall, the Inter-House Math Quiz was truly a learning-through-fun event for all the students and teachers present that day!

-Albern Agnel
Year 8
Student Correspondent

DGPS celebrates UAE’s 46thNational Day

Dubai Gem Private School celebrated the founding of the United Arab Emirates as a federation with an assembly, on November 29th. The assembly commemorated not only the 46th UAE National Day, but also Commemoration Day-to remember and pay respects to the martyrs who have given their lives in the service of the UAE- as well as the birth anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The assembly commenced with a speech in Arabic about the UAE’s National Day by Israa Rehan (translated by Vedika Manghnani) of Year 10. This was followed by a video on the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The significance of the National Day for our school, was described by Sayed (Yr10), who also addressed the audience in Arabic. Head Girl Prarthna Lal, and Head Boy Aayan Mehta, further elaborated on the history and development of the UAE as an open, tolerant and culturally-diverse nation with accelerating growth in almost all fields, from education to sustainability.” For expatriates, the UAE National Day is an opportunity for us to express our gratitude and good wishes to the UAE,” Aayan Mehta said.

A short presentation followed, conducted by Year 10 students, Israa and Afiya on UAE’s current developments, including the upcoming Expo 2020, which was then followed by a video featuring members of the school community expressing their feelings about the UAE. Then it was time for a skit enacted by the Year 10 students, about the culture and traditions of the UAE.
With the dual purpose of entertaining and exhibiting the lively Emirati music and dance, the girls of Year 5 performed the iconic ‘Khaliji’ dance, where the hair is the main element highlighting the rhythmic movements of the dancers.

The school choir then awed the audience with a melodious rendition of ‘Emarati’, after which Shaheera Waseem, Midhat Salman and Amna Naeem (Yr 7) recited a poem celebrating the UAE. Finally, the boys of Year 7 rounded off the proceedings with a performance of the the traditional ‘Ayala’ dance, more commonly known as the ‘stick dance’.
The assembly was our way of celebrating the union of the seven Emirates, as well as the unique culture and traditions of the land we live in. In tribute to UAE’s National Day, students and teachers wore clothes comprising of one or more of the flag colours.

The School day ended with all of us still in a celebratory mood!

Shubha Kamath- Year 10B
Student Correspondent

DGPS Art students fascinated by visit to“The Global Grad Show- 2017”

Stunning design projects, innovative technological adaptations and the creative genius of students from over 90 different global Universities, were on display at the Global Grad Show 2017 at the Dubai Design District.

DGPS Art students from Years 10 – 12 were fortunate to be able to view the exhibition, accompanied by Ms. Maria, Ms. Vijita and Ms. Anusha, on November 14. The Global Grad Show is an event that aims to build a community of creative excellence which challenges and surpasses the expectations of a typical society.

The show saw a wide-ranging display of over 200 captivating design projects submitted by the cream of design teams from over 90 international universities. The display also included a nostalgic exhibition of Graphics RCA, that celebrated the evolution of Graphic Design from the early 60’s to modern day.


The ABWAB tent made of recycled mattress springs that showcased various art pieces, posters and even furniture from around the Middle East region, was of special interest to the students. Meanwhile, Ikea showed off a play of concepts that aroused the child within the viewer to see joy and comfort in all the furniture exhibited there.

It was indeed a wonderful and fascinating learning experience for the students of Art from DGPS, with each student having come away with something valuable to learn from the myriad manifestations of art forms on view at the show!

Shubha Kamath – Year 10

Student Correspondent

Students participate in ‘Clean up the World’ Campaign

As part of the ‘Clean up the World’ campaign, Year 8 students of DGPS, began with a cleanliness walk around the school campus on November 21, 2017.

‘Clean up the World’ campaign, is a global community-based environmental movement, designed to inspire and empower communities around the world to clean up ad conserve their environment.

The campaign is a movement that brings together businesses, community groups, schools, governments and individuals in a range of activities and programmes that positively improve local environments. It is held in conjunction with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and currently, over 70 groups are part of this campaign in the UAE, including our very own DGPS.

Ms Mahua, Ms Laxmi, Ms Naela, Mr Jawed, Mr Hany and Mr Rabie from the senior school were the teachers-in-charge of supervising the students as they went around, cleaning the environment.

The boys and girls of Year 8, put great effort into collecting as much trash as possible, with some of them even competing amongst themselves for collecting the most litter. The students’ enthusiasm made the whole exercise a fun activity.

The outing lasted for nearly an hour or so, after which the students gathered around for a group photo, posing with the litter they picked up along the way.

Overall, it was a great way to start a Tuesday morning for all the Year 8 students and teachers who were part of this amazing campaign.

-Albern Agnel

Grade 8-E

Student Correspondent

Dubai Gem marks Diabetes Awareness Week

Dubai Gem marks Diabetes Awareness Week

Dubai Gem marked Diabetes Awareness Week-from Sunday, 19th November to Friday, 24th November 2017, with the aim of spreading awareness and educating the school community about diabetes.

Several activities were conducted through the course of the week to achieve this, including a boot camp, a football match between the students of Years 12 and 13, and a Zumba session, all designed to get students active and convey the importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Diabetes Awareness Assembly

On Sunday, the 19th of November, a Diabetes Awareness Assembly was held in the school auditorium. Nurse Rebecca, from the school’s medical staff team, began the assembly with a presentation explaining the causes, risks, modes of treatment and preventive measures of diabetes, a disease that affects 371 million people worldwide. This presentation was followed by a speech from a Year 8 student, Kashish Bulchandani. Kashish – a diabetic since the age of 2, described how diabetes had affected her life and how, despite this, she has managed to rise above the everyday challenges and live a near-normal life, stating exercise as her key to being able to do so.

Boot Camp

The Boot Camp, conducted on the 20th of November, is an annual event that challenges students from Years 7 to 11, to complete a course of physically challenging exercises. Novice exercisers and fitness enthusiasts alike, participated in a sequence of jumping jacks, high-knees, lunges, jump-squats, skipping, sit-ups and push-ups.

The event, organized by the P.E. Department with the help of Year 12 and 13 students, was not only enjoyable but was also successful in creating awareness regarding the importance of fitness in leading healthy lives.

Football Match

On the 21st of November 2017, Dubai Gem organised a football match, with the Year 12 students competing against those from Year 13. The match took place in the Iranian Club’s football field, with students from Years 7-11 turning up to cheer them on.

The match was an intense one, with both sides pushing hard to get on the scoreboard. The first half ended with the juniors ahead by one goal scored by Nikhil Laxmisan. Despite the efforts of the Year 13 students, the junior team did not relent through the second half, and the match ended with the final score remaining 1-0.

Zumba Session

Conducted by the girls of Years 12-13, the Zumba session was held in the school auditorium on Tuesday, 21st of November. The dance-based exercise was led by Bhavika, Aaminah (Y13) and Anushka (Y12), and had students and teachers dancing to popular songs.

The Zumba session was a great success amongst students of Years 7-11, who appreciated the break from the school day and found the session an entertaining and fun way to stay fit.

In addition to these activities, students across all Year groups wore blue t-shirts to school on Tuesday, and designed blue cards that were put up around the school campus with facts about diabetes on them (blue being the official colour for Diabetes Awareness Month). The week was, overall, a great success in educating the school community about diabetes and the importance of leading happy, healthy lives!

Student Correspondents

Shubha Kamath, Nandish Karmani, Manoviraj Lal

Year 10

Assembly – World Science Day!

Celebrated on November 10th, World Science Day for Peace and Development, highlights the significant role of science in our society and the need to engage the wider public in debates on emerging scientific issues. It also underlines the importance and relevance of science in our daily lives.

An Assembly for World Science Day, was held in school on the 19th of November and conducted by the students of Years 11-12.


The Assembly commenced with a speech in Arabic by Fizzah Zaidi (Year 10). After this, Purvi Harwani and Rameen Aslam of Year 11, addressed the audience and spoke to them about World Science Day, its objectives and the 2017 theme: Science for Global Understanding.

Following this, a brief video was shown on the history of World Science Day- which was first proclaimed by UNESCO in 2001and celebrated worldwide for the first time in 2002.

The Year 11 students then listed the strengths and limitations of scientific developments and the infinite and exciting possibilities that robotics has created.

Finally, in keeping with the Assembly’s theme of science and innovation, the winners of the DGPS Science Fair 2017, held on October 31st, were awarded for their creative exhibitions!

The Assembly, as well as the World Science Day Poster-making Challenge, was successful in spreading UNESCO’s idea that science, peace and development are both, interlinked and sustainable.

Vedika Manghnani and Shubha Kamath- Year 10

Student Correspondents

DGPS Science Fair 2017 –Innovation at its best!

“Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science.” –Edwin Hubble

Science- an ever-changing body of knowledge- is governed by the need for exploring and expanding the boundaries of human knowledge, and is fuelled by curiosity. Without the scientific developments made across centuries, life would not be as we know it today!

The DGPS Science Fair, an annual opportunity for students to ignite their curiosity and explore these vast fields of science, was held on October 31, 2017. Following a ribbon-cutting ceremony by our Principal, Ms. Ibrahim, and an opening speech by Head Girl Prarthna Lal, the Science Fair 2017 was inaugurated and opened to thunderous applause.

Students across Years 7 to 12 showcased their passion for science by investigating topics that ranged from the physics of vacuums and submarines, to experiments that displayed the wonders of chemistry. Projects such as the ‘Gesture-controlled Hand’ and ‘Life on Mars’ brought in the theme of innovation, while the ‘Wind Turbines’ exhibit and an idea to collect clean water in our school using plants, presented ways to developing sustainable living.

Students, parents and teachers moved from stall-to-stall interacting with the vivid displays and models and participating in on-the-spot quizzes.

Originality, creativity and remarkable application of knowledge were evident throughout the exhibition!

Teamwork and its fantastic results were on full display for all to see! The entire school community left the exhibition, enlightened and inspired and full of admiration for all the Science Fair participants!


Following are the list of winners:


  1. Energy Conservation and Sustainability
First Position Second Position

Midhat, Samar, Sarah, Shaheera (7B)


Hamza, Rehan, Syed


Rida, Vedika, Garima, Zeinab, Simran, Simar (10A)


Prarthna, Rhea, Shiza, Insiya (10B)


  1. Science and Technology in the Changing World
First Position Second Position

Abhay, Praseeth, Shyam S, Rahulan (Y8)


Abbas, Hussain, Gokulan (8D)

Year 9-11 EV3 ROBOTICS

Nandini (11B)


Madav, Kush, Tushar (10E)

Year 12 & 13 COLONY OF MARS

Filzza, Ricardo, Muffadel, Kyati (Y12)


Hassan Abdulla (Y12)


Atheeb, Safwan


 3. Innovative and Inexpensive Designs and Technology

First Position Second Position

Zidane (8D)


Kushi, Aliya, Zaha (7A)


Zahra, Miskah, Ami, Tabassom, Fiza (9A)


Sideeqa, Oarsh, Naomi, Hend (9A)


Sasi, Zain, Esha, Sasha (12)


Zenia, Ravvidya, Ankush, Gaurav, Fahad (Y12)


Special Prize for displayed models: VACUUM CLEANER by Ibrahim, Sayed, Mohit, Ali (10E).

 Shubha Kamath- Year 10

Student Correspondent


Flag Day- November 2nd 2017

Every year, the celebration of Flag Day at Dubai Gem Private School, reflects a symbol of unity, patriotism and loyalty to the UAE and its wise leadership, and adherence to the values of the union established by the UAE’s Founding Fathers.

This year too, Dubai Gem Private School took the opportunity to promote and celebrate UAE values by the celebration of National Flag Day on November 2nd, 2017.

At 11am, all the students from Primary and Secondary schools, along with the entire school faculty, gathered in the school quadrangle, each holding a small UAE flag. The ceremony commenced with speeches from the school prefects, followed by the Principal, Mrs. Humera Ibrahim, who underlined the significance of Flag Day and also elaborated on the symbolic meaning of the flag, its colours and what they represent.


This was followed by an enthusiastic and spirited singing of the National Anthem by the students. Then it was time for the much-awaited flag hoisting ceremony, which was led by the Head Boy, Aayaan Mehta and the Head Girl, Prarthna Lal.

Lastly, the celebration ended with the students waving their flags proudly as they were dismissed.

Once again, Dubai Gem Private School eagerly joined the country in celebrations, by hoisting the flag in honour of the country’s past, present and future efforts.


Purvi Harwani

Year 11B

Student Correspondent


Breast Cancer Awareness Week: Stand-up Comedy Show

As part of breast cancer awareness week in Dubai Gem, students from Years 9-13 got the chance to attend a stand-up comedy performance on October 25, 2017. The show was hosted by Dubomedy, the pioneers of the local comedy community in the UAE, as part of their “Clowns Who Care” initiative that was created in 2009.

The show was held in order to raise awareness about breast cancer and to bring joy, love, light and support for people with the disease.


The performance began with Dubai Gem welcoming Mina Licionne, who is originally from the US, and has worked on Broadway and in Cirque du Soleil as part of her illustrious career. Needless to say, Ms. Licionne lit up the hall with her stream of jokes while, at the same time, reminding students of the importance of breast cancer awareness.

She was followed by comedians Ms. Zara and Ms. Shaima, who both had the audience in splits with their wit and comedy. Wrapping up the memorable day, was the self-made singer/songwriter, Ibby V.K., who played a few popular hits, as well as some of his original music, which truly energized everyone in the hall.


Not only did the stand-up comedy show brighten up the students’ mood, but also exposed them to the various voluntary initiatives that are taken by individuals to show their support for breast cancer awareness.

Rameen Aslam

Year 11B

Student Correspondent