Ramadan Charity Drive

Prior to the Holy Month of Ramadan, students from Dubai Gem Private School (DGPS) organised a Ramadan Charity Drive wherein they collected foodstuff that included rice, sugar, oil, milk and tea bags. They managed to collect 40 cartons weighing more than 1000 kg of items which were then handed over to The Emirates Red Crescent, to be distributed to the needy. Apart from this, students are also actively engaged in being part of the Ministry’s “100 Days of Giving’’project, through distributing care packages to the cleaners, commemorating Nurses Day to honour their tireless efforts. Culminating the initiative, the school is hosting an Iftar on the 11th of June to bring the school community together and share the Spirit of Giving.


Mohd Haroon, a student volunteer from Year 10 says:

I am overwhelmed by the enriching experience gained through helping others. It also made me realise that you could be happy by making others feel happy.

Pashan Sidhwa, another student volunteer says:

It was a truly worthwhile experience, helping those in need, during the Holy Month of Ramadan in 2017 ‘the year of Giving’. Knowing how our annual Ramadan Charity Drive helped to fill in those gaps and hardships faced by our less fortunate brothers and sisters, I was overwhelmed with joy to have spent my time fruitfully, along with other students and teachers.

Ms Ibrahim, the Principal says:

“DGPS aims to foster the spirit of giving and empathy in all our students. We thank our parents who generously supported us in this regard.”


Ramadan Iftar at Dubai Gem

Dubai Gem Hosts Iftar Gathering


It is customary during the Holy Month of Ramadan, for people to assemble together as family or as a gathering of friends and loved ones to break the fast together at Iftar.

This year it was a great honour for us at Dubai Gem Private School, to host an Iftar gathering for our extended family of students, parents, staff and well wishers on Sunday, June 11, 2017.

Our Principal, Mrs Ibrahim welcomed everyone and spoke to the assembled guests about the importance and relevance of Ramadan. She also underlined the importance of giving and being charitable to those who are less fortunate among us.

The Iftar was preceded by an informative skit on Ramadan presented by the primary students. This was followed by an interesting quiz which involved both students and parents.

The gathering brought together the students, alumni, teachers and parents who enjoyed the ritual of breaking the fast together. The evening commenced with prayers before the guests broke their fast with the delicious repast set up for them.

It was a very well-arranged and attended event, thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by all. Our heartfelt appreciation goes to the Directors of our school, Madam Bibi and  Madam Sultana for their generosity and support and to all the sponsors, volunteers and organizers who helped make this memorable, community evening possible.


Student Correspondent

Manoviraj Lal- 9 D

Winning Green Awards – a norm at DGPS

This is the third consecutive year wherein DGPS has been declared as winners in most of their recycling campaigns. This year DGPS has bagged four awards for their recycling efforts in collecting cans, plastic, toners and mobiles. On 17th May, the top achievers of our various recycling campaigns collected the awards on behalf of the school during EEG’s prestigious ‘Annual Awarding Ceremony 2017’, The highest achievers and dedicated recyclers in the ‘individual, corporate and educational institution’ categories that reside in the UAE were recognized. Active participants who managed their waste effectively were praised for their efforts and encouraged to keep their recycling efforts going.


The winners of the Environmental Drawing Competition were also announced during the same ceremony. Nandini Lalwani of Year 10 received the First place and Sneha Kanth received the First merit for the Category 3 Sustainable Cities and Communities. Both our students were appreciated by all for their innovative approach in depicting their visions for a better future.

After the ceremony the students had an opportunity to see the artifacts of various schools displayed at EEG’s ‘Art from Waste’ Exhibition as well as all the winning entries of EEG’s Environmental Drawing Competition. The students attending the ceremony got an insight as to how they could enhance their green efforts to bring in greater accomplishments and inculcate a green attitude in their day to day actions.


Samar Fatima from 6 B  said that she felt proud to be a student of DGPS as it achieved so many awards. She feels ‘we all at DGPS should continue to do better and better to save our environment’.



Earth Day

April 25, 2017 – A beautiful morning that saw the entire Primary School in its quadrangle with colourful yet meaningful posters giving out the message as what is to be done to make this earth a better place, to conserve its resources, to bring in green attitudes into our daily lives.  It was a day when DGPS celebrated Earth Day with a poster parade – each level giving out important messages related to the current environmental issues. The tiny tots from Foundation Stage 1 and 2 walked the parade, very skillyfully dressed in the colours of the Earth and carrying heavy messages to save the Earth. It was truly an exercise creating awareness that our Earth needs urgent attention.


The parade was followed by a daylong of challenging activities at every level. These included making individual Earth pledges, designing art from waste, contributing huge quantities of paper, bringing in a Litter less Lunch to bring forth the concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Students of Year 5 prepared powerpoint presentations on Earth Day while the Year 6 took up the challenge of reducing the CO2 by carpooling to school. Overall, a day with a lot of research done,  information gathered and shared, pledges taken and an immense commitment made by the students.


Overall, the theme of Earth Day 2017 “Environmental and Climate Literacy” was spearheaded with the belief that each one can make a difference.



DGPS students go on an enriching educational Tour of UK!

The group of 24, including 18 DGPS students and six faculty members went on an enriching seven-day educational trip to the United Kingdom during the Spring Break of 2017.

Organised by the English and Mathematics Departments, the trip was aimed at providing students with a gamut of opportunities to link the skills in Mathematics and English to the real world, to enhance critical thinking skills, to enable students to walk in the footsteps of acclaimed English Literary figures and authors and relive significant moments in their lives, to explore how mathematicians, their tools and ideas have helped to shape the modern world, to gain new global cultural perspectives and to inspire students to learn, long after they return home.

The trip began with a guided walking tour of the Edinburgh Castle, to explore and gain an in-depth insight from our scholarly Scottish guide of the iconic castle that has played a vital role in Scottish military history and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was an enriching experience to walk through the castle that had housed royalty for years, discover the stories of the battles and sieges that took place there, look in awe at the country’s Crown Jewels, and soak  up the history that was tangible in this colossal fortress.

This was followed by a visit to The Palace of Holyrood House, Her Majesty the Queen’s official residence in Scotland. Standing at the end of Edinburgh’s historic Royal Mile, this fine palace is the home of Scottish royal history. At the Palace of Holyrood house, we explored the magnificent historic and State Apartments, the ruins of the 12th-century Holyrood Abbey and the remarkable royal gardens.

Stepping aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia,( which served Britain’s Royal Family for more than 44 years) and led by an informative audio-guide, students explored the opulent State Apartments where Her Majesty once stayed, saw the quarters of former officers and captains, and learnt about the ship’s legendary trips around the world. They toured this opulent yacht that had hosted state visitors and official receptions and had welcomed some of the world’s most influential people, including Sir Winston Churchill, Rajiv Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela.

After exploring indoor locations, it was time to explore the outdoors. The astounding views over Edinburgh and out to the sea after a steep climb to Calton Hill was as exhilarating as the distinctive Nelson and National monuments that were located at the top of the hill.

The group spent over two hours at the Outlook Tower and Camera Obscura, enjoying unique 360 degree panoramic and enthralling views of Edinburgh from the mesmerizing Camera Obscura and rooftop terrace. The five floors of interactive hands-on optical illusions and exhibits, including the vortex tunnel, mirror maze and shrinking room, among others, was truly an exceptional and fun-filled learning experience.

Another thoroughly novel experience was the visit to the National Museum of Flight at East Fortune which is home to a large and impressive collection of over 50 complete aircrafts, including several aero-engines, aircraft parts, models and a large reference library of publications and images. The highlight of the visit was the Concorde Experience with the dramatically lit Concorde which made an epic journey from Heathrow to East Fortune by land and sea in 2004. A range of displays gave an insight into all aspects of Concorde’s development and operation.

Leaving the beautiful terrain of Edinburgh, the group travelled by coach to Glasgow and after an overnight stay visited the Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel which is home to some of the world’s finest cars, bicycles, ship models, trams and locomotives. Interactive displays and the hugely popular historic Glasgow street scene brought the objects and stories to life.

The next destination was the picture-perfect countryside of Lake District with its shimmering lakes, lush pastures dotted with grazing sheep, and hypnotic swathes of golden Daffodils. Students led by our guide recited the poem, Daffodils by William Wordsworth as we drove past the location of his residence. The Cruise on the Windermere Lake, the invigorating  walking tour of a village in Windermere amidst soaking up information furnished by our guide on the poets of  the Romantic Revival  made the spectacular trip through the Lake District all the more memorable and magical.

A guided tour alongside the Cambridge University and Trinity College provided a glimpse of the River Cam, the imposing buildings, the Wren Library and information on its illustrious alumni such as Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Charles Babbage, Prince Charles and Prince William amongst others.

A high point for the students was the much anticipated Warner Brother’s Harry Potter Studio Tour which gave students a wonderful opportunity to step on to authentic sets and relive the magic through the eyes of the filmmakers who brought the Harry Potter film series to life. This unique walking tour revealed some closely guarded secrets, including facts about the special effects and animatronics that contributed to its world-wide popularity.

Madame Tussauds Museum with its life-size waxwork figures of celebrities, superheroes and even world leaders, with the Spirit of London Taxi Drive and the Marvel Super Heroes 4D movie experience was yet another site that was well worth a visit.

A visit to The Sherlock Holmes Museum located at 221b Baker provided students with valuable insights into the life and times of Sherlock Holmes, as its interior has been faithfully maintained for posterity just as described in the published stories by Arthur Conan Doyle.

At Stratford upon Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace, students got a chance to walk in Shakespeare’s footsteps and explore the house where he was born and grew up. They were able to listen to tales of Shakespeare’s family life, enjoy live theatre on demand and get up close to rare artefacts from the Trust’s world class collections as they discovered how the extraordinary William Shakespeare continues to shape our lives today.

Students enjoyed a ride on the 135 metres Ferris Wheel, The London Eye, gracefully rotating over the River Thames opposite the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. At, the Coca-Cola London Eye is the world’s tallest observation wheel, offering breathtaking 360 degree views of the capital and its famous landmarks.

Besides gaining a wealth of knowledge from the Science and Natural History Museum, at the thought-provoking new Winston Math Gallery, designed by ZahaHadid Architects, students were able to examine the pivotal role mathematicians, their tools and ideas have played in building the world we live in.

Students also got to experience the wonderful world of live theatre in the thrilling stage version of the award-winning musical, ‘The Lion King’,  with its 40 strong cast including dancers, actors and singers , its spectacular music, stunning costumes and breathtaking set designs.

The final day began with a quick London city tour of the Trafalgar Square, Parliament Square, Buckingham palace, West Minister Abbey and Big Ben before proceeding to the London Dungeons.

Students thoroughly enjoyed 90 minutes of suspense, surprise and physical thrill in the London Dungeons which brought alive significant turning points in British history: students walked the plague ridden streets of 1665, escaped The Great Fire of London that engulfed the city in flames in 1666 and faced trial in an 18th century judicial system.

The final stop over was Stamford Bridge with a guided tour of Chelsea Football Club Stadium which took the students on a journey of exploration behind the scenes of the football stadium including visits to the press room, dressing rooms, various stands in the stadium, a chance to run out of the tunnel into the dugout area and finally souvenir shopping at the stadium megastore.

As the bus rolled into the Heathrow Airport, students expressed their reluctance to leave London  as they had thoroughly enjoyed the seven action-packed days of  spectacular views, building on social skills, savoring novel experiences , acquiring global perspectives and most importantly, learning, beyond the classroom!


DGPS teams do well at Quiz Bee

On the 17th of April 2017, four DGPS students from Year 10: Deepika Batra of 10-A, Sneha Kanth of 10-B, Shaydon D’Souza of 10-D and Partha Shetty of 10-E, set off to take on a tough challenge – to participate in the Inaugural Quiz Bee at the University of Dubai campus in Academic City. They were accompanied by Mrs. Phadke.

The Quiz Bee was a well-organised event for students from Years 10-12 from across Dubai. It was stiff competition all the way and the DGPS students did well to come through the initial stages and make it to the semi-final round.

The sem-ifinal round was even tougher, with the teams having to answer six or more of the  ten questions given correctly, to be able to make the final grade. It was nail-biting stuff, but the two teams from DGPS managed to make it to the finals with a sterling performance.

The final round was a heart stopper,, with each team having to answer five tough questions. The DGPS boys’ team of Shaydon and Partha did extremely well and pushed the contest into a tie-breaker between them and International Academy School, Jumeirah! The tie-breaker consisted of two further questions and it was heartbreak for the DGPS side as IAS, Dubai squeaked through to take the title.

The students returned in high spirits after their excellent performance in the inaugural Quiz Bee. It was indeed a marvellous effort from the Dubai Gem team, which made the school extremely proud.

Partha Shetty.

Year 10

DGPS participate in Inter School Environmental Public Speaking contest

The students of Dubai Gem Private School participated in the 17th Annual UAE Inter School Environmental Public Speaking Competition, held on April 25th, at Gloria Hotel, Dubai Internet City.

Organised by the Emirates Environment Group (EEG), the competition featured teams from 47 schools across the UAE, participating in the highly-competitive event.

DGPS was represented by Aliya, Arya, Prarthna, Riya, and Shiza, of Year 9, under the supervision of Mrs. Mahua Paul and Mrs. Laxmi Mohanraj. The team enacted a rousing skit, followed by two Disney-inspired songs on their assigned topic: Quality Education-Roadmap to Sustainable Development.

Both, the skit and the songs were well received by the audience, with some students even singing along! The experience also gave the students valuable insight into some of the vital components of education, such as its ethics, civics, human rights and global citizenship, all of which contribute into making the Earth as sustainable as possible.

Despite the best efforts of our team, DGPS failed to win. The overall honours were taken by Dubai National School. The DGPS students returned in high spirits, having gained valuable lessons from the competition and determined to do better next time.

Shiza Zia

Student Correspondent , Year 9

Graduation- AS/ A levels

Thursday, April 27 – Another Red Letter Day for DGPS – The Annual Graduation Ceremony. Much anticipated, much awaited, much envisioned by students, parents and teachers. For students, a sense of achievement; for parents a sense of pride; for teachers a sense of accomplishment. Flowing gowns, balanced mortar boards, quivering tassels adorning the 2017 would-be graduates down the red carpet.

Walking to the accompanying strains of the age old Graduation March, girls and boys made their way to the stage – some confidently, some diffidently, as they approached their assigned seats. The evening’s proceedings were adeptly hosted by Ms. Annie Wilfred, Year Coordinator for Years 12 and 13, and Ms. Elizabeth George, Student Councellor. Short, light-hearted PowerPoint introductions of these students and a video of their year’s activities were prepared by Umair, Paree and Ayman (for Year 12) and Sasendu, Andre and Ahmed Tanveer (for Year 13) and shown during the proceedings.

It was a delight to meet Mrs. Neena Malhotra, retired Vice Principal, who had graced the evening with her presence and presented some of the certificates. As usual, it was a pleasure to see members of the Board of Directors as well. The Principal, Ms. Humera Ibrahim, commended the students and offered words of advice. She ended the speech with an inspirational poem to motivate the soon-to-become graduates. This year, the Chief Guest was Mr. Micky Bhatia, General Manager, Al Futtaim Travel in Dubai. He certainly sensed the pulse of the gathering and made his speech ‘short and sweet’!

Towards the end, special awards were also given to the top achievers in the May/June 2016 CIE (IGSCE, AS and A Level Examinations). This year’s Valedictorian was Head Boy Pranay Manghnani. The Salutatorian was Umm E Shahamah Tariq. Head Girl, Shalyn D’Sa  was presented the Principal’s Award. They addressed the audience and their peers with measured ease and panache.

The Graduation Ceremony is a momentous occasion every year to be treated with the respect that it deserves. However, this year, unfortunately, there were a few disappointments. Despite the polite request and gentle reminders to the audience to switch off their mobile phones, some parents continued to make and respond to calls. An infant, in the arms of a relative, protested loudly throughout the evening, disturbing the auspicious ceremony.

Albeit, the Graduation came to a hearty close with the jubilant tossing of caps, the congratulatory hugs, the high fives, the never-ending mobile photos and of course the coloured confetti showering down on the beaming faces.

Well done Young Graduates! Keep striving! Keep soaring! God bless you all in every walk of life.


Physics Trip to Nobel Museum

The Physics students of Year 10 had a great opportunity to view the discoveries and scientific achievements of the Nobel laureates in Physics, when they visited the Nobel Museum in Dubai Creek Park on February 28.

Launched by the Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation in association with the Nobel Museum in Sweden, the 2017 edition of the museum thrusts the field of physics into the limelight under the theme “The Nobel Prize in Physics: Understanding Matter.”

During the trip, the students took part in an activity to build a circuit independently, watched a fascinating video about the universe and used technology to observe the motion of particles.

Some of the models on show, included the inside explorer, a timeline of Alfred Nobel’s life, antimatter, and many other discoveries. The students were also given a short insight on quantum physics and they did well by understanding  it’s concepts.

The trip  enabled students to be more informed about key discoveries and inventions and awakened an interest into finding out more of the world of science.

Much of the information was based on topics that were part of the students’ current syllabus, therefore giving them fresh insight into the depth of Physics.


Year 10