Dubai Gem goes green


AWARDED A CERTIFICATE OF A GREEN SCHOOL BY H.H. Sheikha Alyazia Bint Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan




DGPS girls blaze the track on sports day- Feb 21st 2018

February 21st, was the long-awaited day sports day when the sports-eager girls of Senior school got their chance to show off their athletic prowess to their schoolmates, parents and friends, while helping their Houses secure the highest scores at the same time!

It was the DGPS Annual Sports Day once again, held at the Iranian Club grounds.

An excited buzz rose from the attending crowd of spectators and supporters as our Principal, Mrs Humera Ibrahim declared the meet open following the singing of the National Anthem and the torch-lighting ceremony.  This was followed by the competing House marching squads, putting their best feet forward in the impressive March Past.

Once the participating athletes took to the track, the excitement and cheers of the crowd reached fever pitch, as they encouraged their favorites to outdo their rivals. Parents, classmates and friends alike, were on their feet cheering and chanting, as the athletes gave their all in frenzied competition.

At the end of a fiercely-contested day it was time for the winners to be awarded their trophies.
Individual championship trophies were presented to: Sophie Furtado – 9B in the Sub-juniors category; Sarah Barros – 9B in Juniors;
Zainab Abbas – 11A won the Intermediate trophy; Masooma Abbas – 9B was best among the Seniors and Prathana Lal – 13A emerged supreme among the Super Seniors

The House Championship saw Green House emerge champions, followed in second place by Red House and Blue House in third place.

It was a truly exhilarating and enjoyable day and the students trooped back to school in high spirits while savouring the high points of the day and looking forward to some iced-cool drinks and refreshments after a very spirited morning!

Ami and Anaishaan
Year 9

Boys are winners at Annual Sports Day- Feb 22nd 2018

Dubai Gem held the Annual Sports Day for Boys on February 22, 2018, a day that was eagerly looked forward to by the sports-loving boys and budding athletes alike.

The event began promptly at 8:30 am at the Iranian Club grounds, with the National Anthem followed by the inauguration by Principal Mrs. Humera Ibrahim. This was then followed by the torch ceremony which saw the Head Boy, House Captains and the Sports Captains participating by the lighting of their respective torches.

It was a hot and sunny day but that did not dampen the enthusiasm of the athletes who enthusiastically participated in various track and field events as well as special events such as the obstacle races.

The efforts of the athletes were cheered on lustily by the assembled crowd of students, parents and friends, with competition among the houses, for the overall house and individual championships!

The day saw some outstanding performances and some enthralling competition. At the end of which, Maktoum House emerged the winner of the House Championship!

Individual championship winners were:
Pranav – Sub juniors; Laksh Agarwal – Juniors; Manoviraj Lal – Intermediates; Matthew Barros – Seniors and Dhrish Kanar -Super seniors.

In recognition of their talent and performance; Muhammad Anas Naeem (Year 9) won the promising athlete of the year; Mir Aun Tabrezi (Year 11) was awarded the trophy for Fair Play.

Meanwhile, Aamir Rajkotwala (Year 9) and Yash Bijlani (Year 11) were awarded trophies for their sincere effort towards sports. Our Sports Captain, Ayman Ahmed (Year 13), and Aaron Barreto (Year 10) were awarded with special trophies as well.

It was an enjoyable day and the boys had loads of fun supporting and cheering for one another.
Life-skills of perseverance and discipline and the rewards of winning and the gracious acceptance of failure, were once again reinforced on the sports field!

A big thank you to all the teachers, particularly the P.E. department, support staff and student volunteers who helped make this day a truly memorable one!

Manoviraj Lal
Student Correspondent

DGPS girls enjoy a Field Trip to IMG Worlds of Adventure- Feb 22nd 2018

The much-awaited school field trip to the recently-opened IMG Worlds of Adventure was held on February 22, 2018. Having battled it out on the field for Sports Day the previous morning, the girls of Year 7-13 entered the park in eager anticipation of the day of fun and excitement that they had earned.

For those who hadn’t been to the park before, a wonderful sight met their eyes: from the IMG Boulevard the indoor park diverged into three dazzling sections- ‘Cartoon Network’, ‘Lost Valley-Dinosaur Adventure’ and ‘Marvel’.

Each zone featured rides, attractions and merchandise stores in the theme of the zone. Students enjoyed exploring the zones, with the most popular attractions being: ‘The Haunted Hotel’, for which students found the 15+ age restriction completely justified; ‘The Powerpuff Girls-Mojo Robot Rampage’; ‘Thor Thunder Spin’ which, true to its name, had students and teachers whirling midair; ‘Spider-Man Doc Ock’s Revenge’ (the short duration for which I refused to open my eyes) and finally ‘The Velociraptor’, IMG’s thrilling crown jewel.

Teachers and students alike, braved the terrifying, yet exhilarating roller coasters, excitedly joining the long lines that snaked around the attractions. Adrenaline rush-triggering rides aside, there were simulations and 2-kmph rides aplenty for little children and not-so-brave visitors.

For those for whom food is considered more of a priority at trips of any sort than the actual attractions themselves (such as myself), IMG catered well to their needs with numerous themed restaurants.

The trip was indeed memorable, to say the least, with students lamenting about the short period for which the excursion lasted (as well as not having tried the churros).

Happy, elated faces and arms filled with bags of food, merchandise and game-stall winnings left the park, keenly awaiting the next memory-making field trip.

Student Correspondent
Shubha Kamath
Year 10

DGPS boys enjoy a fun-filled trip to IMG Worlds of Adventure- Feb 21st 2018

Wednesday, February 21, 2018, was a long-awaited day for the boys of Dubai Gem. It was finally time for the highly anticipated annual field trip, which this year was to the IMG Worlds of Adventure and the largest indoor theme park in the world!
Not surprisingly, it was a very excited group that made our way into the park. The thrills began from the entrance itself, where we had the choice of three different themes to enjoy rides and experiences in. The sections were themed: Marvel, Cartoon Network and Prehistoric Dinosaurs. We also got a chance to visit the infamous ‘Haunted Hotel’.

Apart from all the roller-coasters and simulators that the thrill seekers among us patiently stood in lines to experience, we were also treated to a dazzling array of food from various international cuisines. Choices were aplenty ranging from Indian, Chinese, Mexican or even simply a burger.

Perhaps the most unique attraction was the Haunted Hotel which was a real test of courage not only for us but for our accompanying teachers as well. Open to only those above 15 years of age, the attraction featured professional actors that were trained to give the visitors a real fright!

Much sooner than we expected, it was time to say goodbye to a memorable trip and return to school. This was a wonderfully enjoyable picnic that on reflection, we could put into our box of fond memories. We returned refreshed and in high spirits, looking forward to the challenge of the next day’s Sports Day!

Student Correspondent
Nandish Karmani
Year 10

Uniform Recycling Campaign

Our ongoing community services- Dubai Gem uniforms sent to Kulikarai Primary School in Thiruvarur district in Tamil Nadu.

We thank all parents who donated the old uniforms and who support our initiatives

Dubai Gem Participates in the Poetic Heart 2018

“The poet’s words can generate harmony and guide humanity towards a peaceful world in which the dignity of life is respected.” -Dr. Daisaku Ikeda, leading peace-activist, poet and founder of the SGI.

SGI-Gulf, in association with Dubai International Academic City, hosted yet another gathering of young poets at the ‘Poetic Heart: Connecting Lives’ poetry symposium on the 4th of February, 2018. It is a platform where established poets, musicians and school students unite and share their expressions through poetry on the themes of universal harmony, peace, environment and happiness. Students from all over the UAE submit self-written poems on these themes, and the best are presented at the symposium.

Dubai Gem-a school where many unique, creative minds come together- was one of several schools to attend the annual event. Poetry enthusiast Rameen Aslam (Year 11) was chosen to read her profound and thought-provoking composition titled, ‘Building Bridges: A Study of the Ocean’, which had been shortlisted from over 270 submissions, to a record audience of over 1000 invitees of students, teachers, parents and eminent poets of international acclaim.


At this, my first experience of attending the Poetic Heart symposium, I found myself marvelling at the incredible literary talents of my fellow students. Even performances in between the poem renditions especially that of the multi-lingual song performance by world-record-breaking Suchetha Satish (whose name has been flashing all over the local dailies for her recital of songs in 102 languages) had me in awe. Under the Emirates NBD’s #together limitless initiative, differently-abled students recited poems and performed instrumental pieces, leaving the audience and myself with the greatest admiration for them.

After having listened to all these prospective literary figures, I now feel both confident in the future of literature, and also inspired to try my hand at writing poetry.

Article by: Shubha Kamath, Student Correspondent (Year 10B)

The Techno Talent Fest 2018

The Techno Talent Fest 2018 was held at the EIBFS Auditorium, International Academic City. 20 Schools participated in the competition.
Our students’ performance was remarkable.


Following are the Award Winners: (10 Categories)

Dharsh Kanjani 8D First Prize Digital Designing
Tushar Rohith 10E Second Prize Programming
Nandish /Chirag 10E First Prize Gaming
Anisha V Jaisinghani
11 A Second Prize Data Management
Ricardo Quadras 12D First Prize Data Representation
Ricardo Quadras 12D First Prize Digital Painting
Akshana Yapa Abeywardene 13D Second Prize Digital Animation
Dina, Caroline, Anusha
Thank you for all your support, encouragement and guidance given to our students!

Article by the student