To support humanitarian initiatives, under the auspices of Al Jalila Foundation, DGPS actively participated in the Breast cancer awareness week as well as the Hala Heart, a newly implemented initiative with the aim to create awareness of cardio vascular diseases. An amount of AED 10, 000/- was collected. Thank you Management, parents, staff and students for your generous contributions!




Fitness Challenge- November

DGPS takes up Dubai Fitness Challenge
Student-teacher throwball match

A student-teacher throwball match was held on November 1 and 4, as part of Fitness Week, a week based solely on inspiring students and teachers to live a healthy and fit life. Teams consisting of both students of Year 12 and 13 and teachers (representing the four houses of DGPS: Hamdan, Maktoum, Rashid and Ahmed) went head-to-head and battled it out with vigour and pure skill. The Ahmed house emerged victorious, bagging the first place, with Mr Rabie Gaber and Mrs Nitu Nagar as its captains, and was followed by the Maktoum, Hamdan, and Rashid houses, respectively. The atmosphere was lively, with students and teachers cheering for their teams as exhilarating games followed each other in quick succession, leaving the audience in awe of the amazing display of skills shown by the players. On the whole, the event was enjoyable as well as effective in making the audience understand the importance of fitness, making it a great addition to the already splendid Fitness Week executed by the students of Years 12 and 13 and the PE department.

Report by: Albern Agnel, Student Reporter, Year 9-E


MMA workshop

On November 14, a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) workshop was held for students of the senior school as part of Fitness Week. The workshop was conducted by Harriett Arranguez of Year 13, and Mr Omar Beebo from the Tiger Kickboxing Institute. The workshop was engaging; the basics of kickboxing were taught to the students, who were then able to test out what they had learnt.
The school thanked Harriett for taking the initiative to organise the workshop.

Report by: Sarah Barros, Student Reporter, Year 10-B


Boot Camp

 On November 15, a boot camp was held by the students of Year 13 as part of Dubai’s 30×30 Fitness Challenge. It was 50 minutes of intense, non-stop physical activity, and was a great way to get the heart rates pounding! The camp began with a warm-up jog around the field, followed by 10 seconds each of high-knees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, lunges, and squats. The activity concluded with a sprint. The event was not only enjoyable but was also successful in reaching out to the school community as a whole, with regard to the importance of health and fitness in our daily lives.

Report by: Shobhita Khiani, Student Reporter, Year 7-A


Anti Bullying week – (Primary)

Dubai Gem Private School held the ‘Anti Bullying Week from 19th to 22nd November 2018. The form teachers and the school Counselor spoke to the students about what bullying is and how to stop it happening in our school. The school has a “zero tolerance” to bullying with the belief that all students have a right to safety, not to be bullied and that bullying is always unacceptable.
We talked about the fact that in order for a person’s actions to be called bullying they have to be a repeated. Falling out with a friend one day and making up the next morning is not bullying. Being unkind to someone day after day is bullying.
The Student Prefect body came together to put up a definition of bullying .’Bullying is any kind of unwanted and aggressive behavior which is repeated over a course of time’. They also discussed preventive measures and actions to be taken in a bullying scenario. Students
made posters and participated in different classroom activities. It helped to raise awareness of how to prevent and deal with bullying.
We want all the students in DGPS to feel safe at school.


Dubai Gem shines at inter-school Swimming Meet

Dubai Gem Private School excelled at Gems Modern Academy Inter-School Swimming Meet 2018 held on 16th November.
Overall the school scored 66 points and stood 4th among 16 schools.

The age group categories were from Under 9yrs – Under 19yrs and our school had a swimmer in almost every category, for different swimming strokes. A total of 21 swimmers participated from our school. They had persevered for almost 9 hours and won 4 individual medals and 4 team medals.
The following is the breakdown:

Total Number of Medals – 4 Individual Medals + 4 Team Medals
Under 17- Boys
Tushar Rohith Rohith Kanchan (swimming team captain)
Silver – 50m freestyle , Bronze – 50m butterfly
Tushar was also the 1st male swimmer, who made history, winning DGPS’ 1st individual medal.
Under 15-Boys
Shyam Soundararajan
Bronze – 50m freestyle, Bronze – 50m backstroke
4 Team Medals
Under 15 -Boys
Aliasgar Husain Cuttleriwala, Shyam Soundararajan,Rahulan Nandakumar, Dhruv Sanjay Serai:
Bronze – 4×25 Freestyle Relay , Silver – 4×25 Medley Relay
Under 17- Boys
Tushar Rohith Rohith Kanchan, Laksh Agarwal, Brennen Aidan D Silva, Keegan Kyle Gomes:
Silver – 4×25 Freestyle Relay , Silver – 4×25 Medley Relay
The juniors also performed above the expectations and gave a strong fight with their close finishes. They were placed 4th in various events, while the Under 9s were placed 6th in the freestyle relay, managing to get points for the school, giving us an edge over the 5th position placed school by 1 point.
GIRLS Inter-School Swimming Meet 2018
Total Number of Medals – 1 Individual Medal + 2 Team Medals
Under 17- Girls
Ami Kalpeshkumar Mehta
Silver – 50m Breast Stroke
2 Team medals
Under 17- Girls
Ami Kalpeshkumar Mehta, Aliya Singh, Nafisa Mustansir Golwala, Vedika Kaushal Manghnani
Silver – 4×25 Freestyle Relay , Bronze – 4×25 Medley Relay

Dubai Gem Students take a pledge to protect our Environment

Dubai Gem would like to thank Mr. Manohar Gidwani, Mrs. Juhi Gidwani and Ms. Laksha Gidwani the proprietor and directors of Al Lokrit International and Mr. Ashish Seta, a parent of Dubai Gem for supporting us in our endevour of building a Green Community & in distributing saplings to all the students of DGPS.


                                Students get saplings, ‘Go green’ day at DGPS

 The  Eco-Warriors of DGPS, under the leadership of Mr Rabie Gaber and Mrs Laxmi Mohanraj, held an assembly on November 15 on the importance of keeping the environment clean.

The assembly, which focused on the importance of recycling in our daily lives, was followed by the distribution of saplings to the students.

The guests of honour — Mr and Mrs Seta, Mrs Gidwani, and her daughter, Ms Laksha Gidwani — helped distribute the saplings. Students were delighted to receive the saplings and showed great responsibility and care with the way they handled them.

The saplings were donated by Mr and Mrs Gidwani of Al Lokrit Company. The school thanked them for their endeavour.

It was a great initiative that will make a difference in the environment and spread an awareness about and importance of ‘going green’!

 Report by: Albern Agnel, Student Reporter, Year 9-E


Tolerance Week

On 16th of November, the world celebrates Tolerance Day.

In UAE an initiative to celebrate the country’s culture of tolerance, harmony and peaceful coexistence among hundreds of nationalities living together was launched.

DGPS Primary celebrated tolerance week by wearing white T shirts to symbolize peace. A special assembly was held in the quadrangle where all the children gathered to see a wonderful skit on ‘Tolerance’ presented by the students themselves.
A pledge was taken by all the students and staff to be tolerant and respect people who are different from us.
Students used their creativity to make posters on Tolerance which are displayed around the school.
May DGPS keep inculcating such aspects of values into their students’ young minds.


AUDMUN 2018 – An enriching experience

Thirty students from grades 10 to 12, accompanied by Ms. Anushree Phadke and Mr. Charles Miranda, participated in the Model United Nations (MUN) conference held from November 1 at the American University in Dubai.
The three-day conference brought together students from 32 schools and 8 universities.
Students learnt vital skills in research, writing, speaking, consensus building and conflict resolution as they played the role of delegates for the country they represented.
The delegates also got an opportunity to debate on a wide range of issues as well as consider plausible solutions to critical global issues.

Four MUN delegates from our school won the following prestigious awards:
Most Researched – Rithika Fredrick
Most Researched – Jolie Esam
Most Researched – Anaishaan Sidhwa
Best Orator – Prarthna Menghnani
It was an extremely enriching experience for all the participants.

DGPS-Winners of the Sustainable Fashion Challenge!

On Thursday, November 1st DGPS students from grade 11 & 12 took part in the ‘Sustainable Fashion Challenge-2018’ held at The College of Fashion & Design, Bay Square, Dubai. The event was co-organized by ‘The Young Vision’. The students were accompanied by the Art teachers Ms.Maria & Ms.Vijita.

The competition comprised of three categories; Up-cycling, Reconstruction and Zero waste. Competing in each category were around 40 to 50 teams who showcased their prolific abilities at redesigning mundane outfits to the judges. Out of the 4 teams that participated from our school, 3 teams were selected for the final round consisting of Ramp Walk and Question & Answer Session.


Sneha Kanth (Designer) and Abigail Dudley (Model) from Year- 12 bagged the 2nd place in the Category – Reconstruction Fashion.

Laisha Hirandani (Designer) and Mihika Udhani (Model) from Year -11 got the 3rd place in the Category -Up Cycling Fashion.
Indeed, it was a proud moment for our school as all of the participating students showed exceptional talent in designing wearable & sustainable fashion. Krishi and Shania’s team, Nandini and Saumya’s team were appreciated by the judges and other participants for their interesting designs.

The event was a great learning experience for the participants and made them mindful of the wastage produced by the clothing/fashion industry.

TEDx Talk- 27th Oct

On the 27th of October, Dubai Gem hosted it’s first ever TEDx Talk event. Speakers from around Dubai delivered speeches that inspired and excited the youth of DGPS, while the organizing team of students learned important management and life skills.


Skyline Business Talent Hunt

On 15th October 2018, students from Dubai Gem Private School participated in the Young Vision Business Talent Hunt, that took place in Skyline University, Sharjah. Students were required to display their entrepreneurship skills in four categories: General Business, Advertisement Design, Mobile Application and Travel and Tourism. 16 teams took part in the competition, and five teams were selected for the final round, on 16th October. After weeks of preparation and hard toil along with hours of research, the students were ready to take on the challenge. While all the students put in their best effort, two teams emerged victorious and made Dubai Gem proud. Winning 1st place in the category of Advertisement Design were Vedika Manghnani, Riya Kewalani, Arya Prabhu and Insiya Sajjad of Year 11. Additionally, Nandini Lalwani and Fathima of Year 12 secured the 3rd position in the category of General Business. Students returned with valuable experience and exposure to the commercial world, as well as life skills like teamwork, time management and persuasion skills!