Carnival 2016


Saturday, February 20th, saw the school quadrangle come alive with festive spirit, music, cultural programmes and colourful decorations, for the much-anticipated Annual Carnival, a day we all look forward to every year.

The campus was transformed with various stalls featuring games, food and drinks as well as clothes and other assorted trinkets – all of which attracted visitors in large numbers. The games stalls in particular were very popular with the students, who flocked to them to try out their skills.

There was also plenty of buzz around the stalls selling delicious food and drinks, with cakes, ice cream, popcorn being among the hottest sellers.

The chief attraction of the day of course, was the Entertainment Show in the school auditorium, which saw the artistically talented among our students, entertain all of us with a series of spirited performances. It was a dazzling ensemble of songs, dance, rap, beat boxing and even some exciting band performances. The superb performances by the students had the audience on their feet cheering frequently and demanding for more.

That the Carnival was a huge success was due to the tremendous commitment, dedication and hard work of all students and staff involved in performing, participating and putting together this massive enterprise.  The Carnival was surely one of the highlights of this academic year and we look forward to many more in the future.