Year 9 students visit Jumeirah Mosque

Year 9 students visit Jumeirah Mosque

‘Open doors. Open minds’, is the philosophy which opened the doors of the Jumeirah Mosque to people of all religions almost a decade ago. It is the only mosque in Dubai which is open to the public.

On a cool windy morning of 6th February 2017, the students of Year 9 visited the Jumeirah Mosque for an educational trip, accompanied by Mrs. Molly, Mrs. Amal, Mrs. Mini, Mrs. Rajalekshmi and Mr. Javed .

As we approached the lightly coloured, intricately carved structure, it reflected an aura of positivity and purity. Before entering the mosque we were required to remove our shoes and keep them on the rack.

Once inside, we keenly observed the beautifully-painted interiors and the floor which was adorned with a magnificent carpet that stretched from wall to wall in parallel lines. Photography was allowed inside the mosque, thus it was thrilling to click pictures, especially of the famous ‘Qiblah wall’.

We then had an interactive question and answer session during which the host enlightened us about Islamic culture and religion. We were then escorted to a designated area for ladies to pray. The mosque also comprised of a library which held an endless number of holy books.

The visit to the Jumeirah Mosque gave us a memorable first-hand experience and valuable insight into the Islamic lifestyle and traditions and a greater appreciation of the role of Islam in the everyday life of people.

Student Correspondent,

Vedika Manghnani 9A


Appreciation from a parent. 

This is to sincerely appreciate the trip (Al-Farouk Mosque-Jumeira)  that seniors were taken to on February 6th 2017. Honestly speaking due to past experiences,  I wasn’t really personally looking forward for it  But I was surprised when my daughter came was home and couldn’t stop talking about the new information and knowledge that she acquired during the trip.

She even put us through a quiz and was jubilant to give answers that we couldn’t guess at all. I think the way it was conducted was marvelous (for a teenager to be impressed with) and as a family too we learnt a lot.

As parents we feel it was a wonderful experience and are grateful for such an enlightening experience. In today’s times, knowledge and tolerance is of prime importance. In fact I would like to propose to expose our teenagers to all religious backgrounds (Jebel Ali Church, Jebel Ali Gurudwa, etc) without hurting the sentiments and belief systems of any. After all even our leaders of Dubai are open to all religions in Dubai. This co-existence goes a long way in inspiring young minds.
Thank you once again,